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Mass Effect 2 better on PC than Xbox 360: Reasons why?

Yesterday we posted an article which criticized BioWare’s Mass Effect 2, we have now justs tumbled upon a article which suggest that you should buy the PC version instead of the Xbox 360 version.

GamingOgre’s article is titled ‘5 Reasons You Should Play Mass Effect 2 on PC’, you can see their full article here.

The 5 reasons which GamingOgre list are graphics, controls, digital distribution, pricing and customization. Personally I’m not gonna start yet another console vs PC argument, if you have the money to buy a high-end gaming rig of course graphics will have an edge as the PS3 and Xbox 360’s hardware is older, however lets face it high-end PS3 and Xbox 360 games look great.

GamingOgre believe that Mass Effect 2 needs to be played with a keyboard and mouse, apparently “the amount of control your given is exponentially higher than you can achieve with an analog stick”.

You can see full details on GamingOgre’s 5 reasons here, personally it sounds to me as if GamingOgre’s writer is a bit anti-console. Whilst he is ecstatic that the console version of the game is $10 more than the PC version, he seems to ignore the fact that a decent gaming rig these days will cost 2x,3x,or 4x more than an Xbox 360 or PS3.



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