Mass Effect 2 better on PC than Xbox 360: Reasons why?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 3, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article which criticized BioWare’s Mass Effect 2, we have now justs tumbled upon a article which suggest that you should buy the PC version instead of the Xbox 360 version.

GamingOgre’s article is titled ‘5 Reasons You Should Play Mass Effect 2 on PC’, you can see their full article here.

The 5 reasons which GamingOgre list are graphics, controls, digital distribution, pricing and customization. Personally I’m not gonna start yet another console vs PC argument, if you have the money to buy a high-end gaming rig of course graphics will have an edge as the PS3 and Xbox 360’s hardware is older, however lets face it high-end PS3 and Xbox 360 games look great.

GamingOgre believe that Mass Effect 2 needs to be played with a keyboard and mouse, apparently “the amount of control your given is exponentially higher than you can achieve with an analog stick”.

You can see full details on GamingOgre’s 5 reasons here, personally it sounds to me as if GamingOgre’s writer is a bit anti-console. Whilst he is ecstatic that the console version of the game is $10 more than the PC version, he seems to ignore the fact that a decent gaming rig these days will cost 2x,3x,or 4x more than an Xbox 360 or PS3.

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  • kathy


  • Kathy Engels


  • Carolinaisabel10

    Well… Some of us have laptops that don´t have the recomendetions for the PC game, and I can´t buy a new laptop… So, yeah, some of us aren´t f*cking rich!

  • Carolinaisabel10

    Well… Some of us have laptops that don´t have the recomendetions for the PC game, and I can´t buy a new laptop… So, yeah, some of us aren´t f*cking rich!

  • Darkbolt

    Consoles suck and here is why you cant upgrade them there static crap. Same with games on console no modding no skinning nothing your stuck with what is on the CD. Not to mention your game is reduced to run jump and shoot with your gay ass little 7 button controler lol.

    Any game i have played on both console and pc 100% of them were way better on pc BY FAR!! PC offers way way more then just games x box and all that crap play games!! thats it!! not to mention if you want to do anything ANYTHING at all you have to pay for everything. If gaming dies on pc then i will stop gaming all together because i refuse to be handed a shit ass basic controler (controlers suck hard in shooter there is no contest against the mouse that is why COD seperated the two) go buy your x boxes and your PS3’s and 6 months down the road when a new on comes out and you run out like a slave and pay another 800% for a system that will be obsolete in a few months and then they stop making games for them ect ect On pc i can play any game (almost) from the old days i can even emulate some of the cool old school games from n64 sega ect ect can your fucking lame box do that? nope!!! so enjoy your static gaming systems that have the same old shit on a CD and ill play PC games and upgrade and download new content for my games new missions,squad members and the list goes on do that with your fucking x box hahaha NOT!

  • Nickson5

    You are all so stupid that it makes me want to write this. I also think that you can't understand arguments that are in complete sentences so I will list them instead. (english is my third language) Many fact you should know about PCs

    -You don't need a Desk for your PC
    -They are PC cases meant to be put in your TV furniture.
    -I had 3d games since 1992
    -I have gaming PC since so MANY years.. those PC were all hooked up to my TV since 15 years. For movies before LCD tv
    -It's hooked up on an 5.1 sound card and 400 watt rms 5.1 speaker set since 10 years. Surround sound was available in Windows 95.
    -I watch DVD or blu ray's from the PC. Video and sound can pass through hdmi cables!
    -Hey wow -> They are wireless mouse since more than 10 years and they work well on a couch
    -a keyboard too! it means go to h*ll with your laying on a couch arguments
    -Windows in compatible with xbox 360 controlers!
    -Games for windows are compatible with xbox 360 controllers!
    -I'm intelligent enough to tweak my games in .ini config files. To have them 2x better than on the game max settings.
    -I can improve my PC to push the graphics even more.
    -I can play on full HD resolution 1920×1080
    -I can't stand people that say a FPS game is better on a controller WTF?!?
    -I must admit that a console can beat your actual PC when it's just released but it's OUTDATED a week after.
    -I must admit that it piss me off very much when a good game is not released on PC. It's pisses my off even more when a franchise started on PC and ended up only on console
    -PS3 games lag so much! like 25 FPS
    -xbox 360 games are even worst
    -Low performance outdated graphics

    – Mass effect 2 on xbox 360 is UGLY. Change your glasses or go in "graphics settings" in a pc game when your star to play. Console player are not intelligent enough to ajust the graphic settings and doesn't understand anything in there.

    -PC games with a xbox controllers uses the same controls than on xbox 360. it means go to hell with your better control arguments. It's the SAME SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. I use the mouse only with fps and games that play with a mouse (sim city, strategy etc)

  • person

    I just prefer console gaming, the controls are more responsive and the use of the analog sticks is nice for how smooth your camera and movement is. For example, imagine running on a narrow walkway while shooting at an enemy. On PC, this is a serious bitch. On consoles, its easy. The fact that pc has many more buttons doesn't really matter. When you get down to it, its the same. When it comes to graphics, PC is of course better but its expensive as hell. Overall, I plan to buy Skyrim on Xbox and not PC mainly for the controls.
    P.S. my opinions are not bias and they might as well be facts. Don't argue over it because you will basically be lying. PC = better graphics, console = better control. Also, if you like PC controls for some reason, I believe keyboard support will be available for the xbox version. Not sure about the mouse.

  • Jennifer

    hey console morons. how many times are you sitting there with your thumb up your hairy butts looking at loading screens. because i see them NEVER DUE TO MY SOLID STATE DRIVE WITH 16 GB OF DDR3 RAM.

    YOU JUST GOT SERVED. *throws up a gang sign*

  • Rotorguy

    Console gaming is for lazy assholes who don't like to think…

  • b00mQQ

    Regardless to people saying, "Oh, I can build a PC 100x as powerful as a console for $500", that still doesn't change the fact that console gaming provides a more enjoyable experience.

    I've been gaming since I was 3 years old, and I'm now 26. I've played every genre you could possibly think about on both consoles and PC's. Platformers, FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, Action, Adventure, you name it, I've played it — and the console experience is almost always twice as enjoyable as the PC experience.

    With a console, you can kick back, relax, and put yourself in the game with a nice 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound setup — or hell, even if you don't have a theater sound setup, you can still relax more while playing console games, which in turn result in a better experience.

    With a PC, you're sitting at a desk, hunched over with one hand on the keyboard, and one hand on the mouse, and it's much more tense and not nearly as relaxing and enjoyable. I've played Mass Effect 2 on both PC and Xbox 360, and I can assure you I had a hell of a lot more fun with the Xbox 360 version.

    Games are developed this time and age to work better with gamepads. They feel more responsive and natural, and the overall experience just flows together a whole lot better. Look at how many top-dollar AAA companies are only making their games for consoles now — that many developers can't be wrong.

    PC gaming had its time. Times change, and now, console gaming is where the audience is at.

    It took me a long time to accept this. Nearly 5 years. I started getting into console gaming when the original Xbox launched, and it has taken me this long to realize that console gaming is superior to PC gaming these days.

    • Knowitall

      I keep reading about this "haunched over your PC like a little larva" crap. You can, in fact relax while enjoying your PC games WITH a damned controller. They have firmware and software for this. Yes, even for Mass Effect. What do you do to get comfortable in front of your consul? You buy a nice cushion couch/sofa whatever…. You can do the same shit with a PC. You need surround? PC speakers are cheaper and the sound just as good, if not better. If your sound indeed sucks, then you're listening to a crappy audio device. Simply put.

      So what's the difference? I spent $547 USD on this PC. Phenom II x4 3.4, HD 5770, 8GB etc etc… You spent how much on your 360/PS3 thus far??? This includes the consul, games, controllers, live… etc. Now, how much are you going to be spending in 3 years when they come out with yet ANOTHER consul??? What… Another $400-$500??? Thus adding even more to your consul spending. Because god knows with new tech, the more expensive these consuls get whereas PC parts DROP in price. Well guess what! This PC will outlast, and out preform even that next gen consul you're willing to drop another half grand on! So have fun with that!

  • Snake

    I have to say, I first played Mass Effect 2 on an Xbox, which was pretty good no doubt, but I bought it today on my new PC which I built (for around £400/$500-600) and running it on full graphics, it makes a serious and noticeable difference. I mean you get double the frame rate at a much higher resolution with AA and all the other goodies… I feel like a fool for not doing it earlier xD

  • GrimOracle

    I bought the parts for my PC individually and put it together. I was cheap. My rig, as it is now, can play any game at max setting, in full HD and can put the XBOX 360 and PS3 down flat on its face. I had my rig, as it is for over two years now, and not once did I have to worry about bringing down the settings.

    PC wins hands down. consoles are old. Even when the next gen consoles come in, PCs will still take the podium. PCs all the way. Although we dont get some of the great stuff out there, we are still the cherry on top! in the end consoles work out more expensive and PCs cheapers. You pay so much money for those new releases, much less. You get the red ring of death and yellow light of death. when that happens, your consoles are screwed. When something happens to our PC, we replace only that part. PC is legend and will always be!

  • NT121784

    Yeah, a decent gaming rig is expensive, but you can do more with it than you can a game console. ill admit it though, main reason i like pc better than console is because i suck at dual thumb sticks.

  • creditmyrepair

    Graphics on PS3 now look really pretty naff, 360 to.
    Plus most of the strategy and MMORPG games I play never comer out on any console ever (FFXI and the flipping awful FFXIV being about the only exceptions I can think of)
    LIke to see CIv 5 on Xbox (I mean PROPER CIv 5 – not a "nothing like it, trimmed to the bare bones till it's a completely different game" namesake)

    LIke SIms3's like trying to do up your tie while wearing boxing gloves.

  • ben

    Huh. There's me having just bought a second hand 360 elite and mass effect 2 for peanuts, about £80 all in – boy do i feel i real fool now!

    A console is a bit of fun, a PC rig is a damned tool spewed from the seventh level of hell intent on rending your social life asunder.

  • Robert

    I agree with Jay and others who commented on here.I have a 3 year old desktop for which I only upgraded the video card twice and I can run just about any game, including Mass Effect 2.Consoles are cool only because you can buy a game and don't have to worry about system requirements and so on but today's PCs can handle most of the games being released without much worry about the game specs.The controls on PC are much better than on console as well as the graphics.How can a PS3 with 256 MB of memory compare to even my aging computer with 3 GIGS??? Plus PC games are overall cheaper.Just go on Steam and you'll find a ton of deals on games for under $ 9.99.
    There is really no comparing the two.PC wins hands down.

  • Jay

    The guy who wrote this article is a complete noob and doesn't even know what he's talking about.
    1). Keyboard and mouse DO give you better control than a analog stick. I know this because I hate playing fps games on my 360 due to the shitty aiming (and the fact console gamers need aim assist and auto-aim. This is NOT FPS. This is wat u call a Noob Person Shooter) because its so much easier and better tactically to use a mouse/keyboard.
    2). You dont NEED a high-end rig to play games liek Mass Effect 2. Ive got a $1000 laptop from 3+years ago, never upgraded and it allows me to play ME2 on max settings.
    3). A PC does NOT cost 2x, 3x or 4x more than a console to play games effectively. You can easily buy a PC for $400~600 that can run ME2 in max settings with excellent fps. At most, a beastly PC would cost 2x a console, but the point is, a PC is NOT JUST ABOUT GAMING. It's your life – school work, facebook, internet, etc. So paying the same price for a box which just gives you the option to game and occassionally watch the odd movie or two is clearly stupid.
    4). The console version costs a LOT more than $10. It sells at $119+ while the PC version is $79.95 full retail price.

    I didn;t go into much detail but other ppl who commented have said more.

    To the guy who wrote this article – do some research before you do an article going against PC gamers before you look like a fool. Oh Wait. You have made yourself a fool. You noob.

  • Vernard

    man for as much as you guys paid for a ps3 when it first came out i build a gaming pc for the same price lol, its kinda sad everybody thinks you have to pay more than a 1000 for a good gaming pc the fact is if you get cheap graphic card that plays at 1440×900 your already playing at a high res than xbox 360 or ps3 for a cheaper price.

  • IronyTaken

    I could build a 500 USD PC that is many times more powerful than a Xbox 360.

    With cheaper games and no need for 50 USD a year Xbox, and no need for the expensive peripherals (99 USD wireless) the PC is the better value.

    A PC is almost mandatory in life today and almost everyone has one anyway.

    a 100 USD video card can handle just about every game at max settings with 1680×1050 res.

    Only metro and crysis need the res lower at 1440×900 but they can still be played at max settings.

    You don't need to spend much on a computer to play all games at max settings.
    Also PC gamers get a list of games going back decades.
    And yes just about every games released on consoles and PC is better on the PC.
    Better controls, mods, longer laster communities, and better graphics.

    PC is just the better choice.

  • Cold

    Like Zod wrote in the comments here, I too play my PC games on my HDTV. I have my PC in the living room hooked up to my 50" hdtv but I use an analog connector not HDMI. I tried an HDMI cable but found that analog fits the screen's maximum width and height better and the quality is exactly the same (up to 1920×1200).
    The sound I have hooked to my 5.1 home theater system using a digital out cable from my soundcard. Also my soundcard is Auzentech 7.1 prelude, which if you never heard of it before, is one of the only soundcards out there that converts all sound from the PC (all analog sound from within a game for example) into 5.1 or 7.1 digital audio, in real-time. Basically my games sound amazing on the 5.1 sony HT system using full digital dolby 5.1.

    Also I have the xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows, Its hard to find these days in stores, but you can still order it from amazon. So that solves the wireless xbox controller issue. And I got wireless keyboard/mouse so I can game PC games from the couch too if i want with keyboard in my lap and mouse on the couch next to me. I suggest getting a microfiber couch cover for $30 at a local store, they work better than most mousepads ive had, also optical mice seem to track much smoother on cloth than laser mice but that might not be true for the latest gen laser mice.

    Oh and last thing, if a game doesnt support xbox controller for PC, get a program called Pinnacle Game Profiler, i actually bought it in the end, the interface is that good. They update "profiles" for each game, so it automatically maps every key or mouse movement/button to your xbox controller. Its basically interfacing between your game and controller, telling what buttons or mouse directions you would use, mimicking it to your controller. There are even more expert features the program can do if you really know what your doing, but then again the profiles created on it's site for games usually have everything mapped out perfectly including tricky things like the trigger-press sensitivity on the controller, and what effect it can have in the game, or the degree of the joysticks, allowing to change things like walking and running speed. Its lightyears beyond Xpadder which is just a basic xbox 360 controller interface.

    I personally think PC gaming has had a comeback in the last 2 yrs as the current generation consoles get older now (they are about 5 years old), and will get better until the new generation consoles come out in most likely 2012-2013. Those will support the new 21:9 super-widescreen TVs as well, which should make for awesome split-screen gaming where each player has a full 4:3 screen to watch. That will be interesting to see, and the hardware they can push by then. But until that time comes, PC gaming is king now 😉

  • Geoff

    You do not need a 'high end gaming pc' to run this. All you need is a desktop computer made in the last 5 years (which you possibly already have or can buy for less than an xbox) and a $100 graphics card. Seriously, this is on the UT 3 engine from a few years ago so it's not very demanding.
    For the xbox gamers paying $70 a year for xbox live, you should know the pc version of that is FREE. Are you sure xbox is cheaper?

  • dimitris

    I just saw the game on a Quad-Core/SLI PC,
    and right after that, I saw it on a xbox 360.

    Both are connected to the same 47″ lcd full-hd tv
    and to a home-theater amplifier digitally.

    The graphics seem better on xbox.
    While the PC outputs the game at 1920×1080 (not “just” 1270×720 as the xbox), everything seems “Flat”.

    The sound from the PC is just Stereo
    (of course the pc is digitally connected to the same home-theater amp ).
    On the xbox the sound is Dolby-Digital 5.1.

    This game NEEDS 5.1 sound. It is like a movie.
    Who plays Stereo games these days ???

    Finally, controls/interface are much more comfortable and easy on the xbox.

    Generally…the PC version looks like a hurried 360-port.
    (same as it was the first Mass-effect on the pc)

    • CJRamze

      Whoever hooked that up was an idiot.
      The game supports 5.1 without issue ESPECIALLY through an amp, The control system is better and graphics are proven to be better on the PC.


    • Andrew

      your an idiot. Spending all that money without upgrading your monitors or sound? plasmas beat LCD's in contrast. Obviously you need to upgrade your peripherals.

    • GrimOracle

      where do you come from saying that the sound from a PC is only Stereo? Do your homework, bud. Have a look at my setup. I have a Dolby Digital 7.1 motherboard. and believe me I dont waste anything. dont comment unless you know your stuff! PCs rule! Go bow before your Xbox. Just remember the true leader are PCs!

  • marhorn

    I much prefer playing games on my xbox than my pc, even though my pc is a sweet quad core gaming beast. I think its the xbox live community that makes it better! and also gaming with that offset analogue is the best! pc gaming is gonna die out soon! (oh yes i said it)

  • fwishart

    @ Robothamster

    Funny, I have my PC hooked up to my 46″ HDTV and enjoy all my PC games in amazing detail from the comfort of my sofa.

    Its really neat what you can do with those fancy digital hook ups.

    • Dan


      aiming is also better with a mouse.

  • Robothamster

    The bloke is clearly an idiot and PC fanboy.

    I’d rather play games on a comfy sofa looking at a 40″ TV and immersed in rich surround sound than hunched over my PC even if the graphics can be better if you spend enough on a graphics card.

    • Zod

      I play my PC games on my 46 inch hdtv while sitting on the couch and the sound is going through my surround system. Its not tough to do, its just two cables, and HDMI and a optical audio cable into the back of the receiver. Most of the games support a 360 controller out of the box and the ones that dont you can download programs that will. I have both a 360 and a PS3 but certain games I still pick up on the PC. Two examples are Dragon Age and Fallout 3. The mods people create are tons of fun and the controls (if you are using a mouse n keyboard) are better. I like the mods though and the graphics are usually smoother and load times are much shorter.

    • Coroloro

      I played Mass Effect 1 on my PC, and I generally have preferred PC over consoles- the fact is true, IF you have better and more updated hardware than the console, your game is capable of looking so much better. Hardware drives the software development, and the PC gets the new goods first.
      However, I now have a PS3 because my $800 Geforce Gx2 card pretty much was off kilter from the beginning, the people who sold it to me kept tyring to do 'patchwork' to keep it going and avoid having to replace it, and now it's too late. I can't run ANY 3D games, even the most basic, without a new card.
      I realised repairs and upkeep alone were costing me hundreds of dollars, much less upgrade costs. A console would not only be cheaper- it'd avoid compatibility issues that often arise, and game bugs/crashes/etc would be less.

      However, I basically still use my 'computer'- that is where I disagree with you. I take the SAME hardware I plug my computer into, and plug my PS3 into it. Keyboard included! My monitor has an HDIV input, and is a 21" LCD beauty, capable of more resolution than the best HDTV is. I already have a PC 2.1 sound system with great bass (cost me $200, less than many TV systems might run, but great sound). I just flip between my computer and PS3 literally by pressing a single button on my monitor- though I do have to manually switch plugs for the sound.

      So I sit the same way I would for my computer, but hardly 'hunched over'. I also enjoy the added clarity and detail I get from sitting with my eyes 2-3 feet away from the screen: it allows me to enjoy the HD quality far better, and to get 'closer' to the experience. 🙂 The only difference, really, is the lack of mouse- something I mourned, and miss. I think it really does make a difference, but I've gotten pretty used to the controller, and while the stick is limitted compared to the mouse, the advantages to having all your 'keys' in such an easy to use configuration sometimes outweigh the detractors. 🙂