iPhone OS 3.1.3: New Changelog Details Security

By Jamie Pert - Feb 3, 2010

Yesterday Apple officially released iPhone OS 3.1.3 for iPhone and iPod Touch, significant differences with this update included improved accuracy of reported battery level, fixes to the launch of third-party apps, a fix to the Japanese Kana keyboard and a range of security related improvements.

Prior to this post we have not really looked into the security improvements, however Apple have recently published details regarding this security update.

Security updates have been made to many aspects of the OS, such as the device’s CoreAudio, ImageIO, Recovery Mode and WebKit.

Previous vulnerabilities may have allow hackers to exploit the OS’s CoreAudio by “maliciously crafting” an MP4 audio file, however this should have now been patched. The ImageIO patch works in a very similar way, as prior to this hackers were able to “maliciously craft” a TIFF image file.

To find out more about OS 3.1.3’s security improvements check out their official website here.

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  • Apple is sounding more like Blizzard in their patch notes. “Maliciously crafting” files sounds suspiciously like “clever use of game mechanics”. Maybe it’s just the WoW addict in me. 🙂