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Google Nexus One Multi-Touch Gestures: Pinch-to-zoom

Just over a week ago we looked at the multi-touch potential that is offered by Google’s Nexus One, we have now heard that Google have recently added support for new multi-touch gestures.

One multi-touch gesture which is now supported is the popular ‘pinch-to-zoom’ gesture, this allows users to zoom in and out of pictures extremely easily.

Other updates which Google have added include Google Goggles, improvements to Google Maps and fixes to the handset’s somewhat patchy 3G connectivity.

Google Goggles is apparently a feature “which which initiates a search by pointing the phone’s camera at something”, I’m not yet sure of exactly how this will work, therefore if you have used this feature feel free to talk about it in the comments section below.

If your handset has not yet updated itself the update will come over-the-air soon, for further details check out Wired.



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