Apple iTunes 9.0.3 Download Released: JB devices safe

By Jamie Pert - Feb 3, 2010

As you may already know Apple have recently released two huge updates, one of which was iPhone OS 3.1.3, there other was iTunes 9.0.3.

When OS 3.1.3 was launched it ‘broke’ jailbroken handsets, however the iPhone Dev team recently worked on a new jailbreak for this handset, this is called redsn0w 0.9.4.

If you have chosen not to upgrade to iTunes 9.0.3 because you have a jailbroken device you do not need to worry, according to to ZDNet “iTunes 9.0.3 is safe to use with jailbroken devices”.

iTunes 9.0.3 features several bug fixes, these bug fixes problems related to iTunes ignoring your choice to remember password for purchases, there is also an iPod connection issue resolved, for further details check out ZDNet.

Have you installed iTunes 9.0.3? If so, are you happy with the update?

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