Walmart & Best Buy No Longer Offering E-Play Trade-ins: Thanks alot Mass Effect 2!

Yesterday we spoke about BioWare’s decision to only make DLC available to Mass Effect 2 gamers if they brought the original game, therefore significantly reducing the value of second-hand games.

We are now hearing that both Best Buy and Walmart will no longer be offering used games, it is unclear as to whether this is a direct result of BioWare’s recent decision, but seems to be quite a co-incidence .

It is thought that E-play kiosks will be shut down at both locations over the next few weeks, chances are that E-Play (“the company that distributed used games kiosks”) were not doing too well, if you check out ePlay’s website you will see that they have “suspended operations”, for more information check out JoyStiq.

Will you be sad to see the end of E-Play’s trade-in games at Walmart and Best Buy?



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