Toyota Gas Pedal Fix: Q&A

Yesterday we reported the rumor that the Toyota gas pedal fix had been approved by U.S. regulators (leaked by dealers), this then turned out to be true. Following that news, ABC news has posted some information that asks popular questions about the gas pedal fix and gives you answers to these questions.

Do you have questions about the Toyota pedal problem? You may know that there has been a public relations headache, unprecedented halt in Toyota sales, but how does a pedal get sticky in the first place?

Head over to to read the 4-pages of questions and answers. These include questions like; should I wait for Toyota to contact me? What should I do if my pedal gets stuck? Is my vehicle safe to drive for the time being? And what is a VIN and why is it important?

Once you’ve had a read, feel free to hit the comments with anything related to the Toyota gas pedal fix.



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