Toyota Gas Pedal Fix: Q&A

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 2, 2010

Yesterday we reported the rumor that the Toyota gas pedal fix had been approved by U.S. regulators (leaked by dealers), this then turned out to be true. Following that news, ABC news has posted some information that asks popular questions about the gas pedal fix and gives you answers to these questions.

Do you have questions about the Toyota pedal problem? You may know that there has been a public relations headache, unprecedented halt in Toyota sales, but how does a pedal get sticky in the first place?

Head over to to read the 4-pages of questions and answers. These include questions like; should I wait for Toyota to contact me? What should I do if my pedal gets stuck? Is my vehicle safe to drive for the time being? And what is a VIN and why is it important?

Once you’ve had a read, feel free to hit the comments with anything related to the Toyota gas pedal fix.

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  • Nam

    its ugly. [period]

  • Andy

    I just had my 07 Tundra pedal "fixed". It is very soft and what I would call mushy. Very hard to accelerate with control with that much play in the pedal.

  • j covelli

    i too have a very soft feeling under my foot…. i own a 2008 sequoia Not happy with the fix !

    Not happy with the fix on my sequoia ! Gas pedal to soft and jerky on take-off …. What will Toyota do now…………………

  • guest

    wow..and I thought I was the only one. they cut my pedal, and the two sides are not symettrical. It looks really bad.

  • RichC

    Just got my car back from service (oil change and tire rotation) and the 90L (stuck gas pedal)recall.
    The repair of the pedal looks really bad. I am Not happy! I now have a $30,000 car with what looks to be a junkyard modified pedal now! The cuts are not equal on both sides of the pedal in anyway, looks like they rushed it or they gave it to someone who just did not care how it looked.

    As far as I am concerned Toyota really should have replaced the pedals and not looked at a QUICK FIX. This quick fix is very ugly and just does not appeal to me. If you can wait to get it fixed then please do so. I would not buy a new car from them that had a CUT pedal. It just doesnt look right.

    • CEnric

      i also had my car brought in for the recall and same thing happened and also my accelerator pedal feels so soft that any sudden bumps or changes on the highway grade causes my foot to press on the gas more the feeling was really different as if there is no resistance encountered when depressing the accelerator pedal and made me feel not to take the car for the recall if that was the thing that will happen to your car