PS3’s Gran Turismo 5: Release date update

By Alan Ng - Feb 2, 2010

We have some slightly disappointing news for Gran Turismo fans who are eagerly looking forward to the release of the fifth portion of the successful franchise, as Sony has confirmed a release date this fall for the U.S and European regions.

We say disappointing, as you all know that this game has suffered from countless delays already, so this latest setback will be no surprise to you I’m sure.

As reported from VG247, SCEE’s James Armstrong says that the game will be ready for release ‘this fall’, but failed to state exactly when in fall the game would be available.

So if you were looking forward to playing this game in the Summer, think again. Let us know your thoughts on the fall release.

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  • Anti cheat

    indeed,i'm pissed of because of the amateuristic way polyphony digital is handling this issue,they better be spending all of their time in background graphics,cos face it,it sucks.
    also for all the little cunts who keep cheating on cod mw2:why are you still playing this game?you have all the titles ill gotten,game over,piss of,little wankers

  • alan

    what a load of drivel…….they just want to make the game unbelievably awesome to justify the wait……. just hope they pull it off

  • Goodman

    Behind the scenes. The things you don't hear about – I am happy to share and give you all a proper insight what I know. I just hope this gets published for you all!

    The truth is – secretly, this game was heading for a total disaster before prologue was even released. In a nutshell – without naming names, the main gurus in sound design wanted bigger dollars, way before the GFC hit. Sound engineers are very under paid in this type of industry. So they ended up moving on to other and better paying projects. I don't blame them.

    Not long after, others followed suit which was the first hurdle for the release of Prologue. Ever notice how most of the vehicles sound quite similar and bland as roast beef and white sauce? It's because it was not finished! Yes, no good sound engineers because they all resigned! It was really up to post production to fix it up, and they did a fantastic job once it was mastered. It was then an executive decision for it to be released – to spark up that passion for the real deal once they had a proper crew that knew what they were doing.
    Freelance staff were making a real mess, and that was the beginning of the story.
    This is one main reason why it came to a complete halt once the full time staff resigned.

    Here is another little insight behind the scenes..
    Basically, there is always a war between image and sound design teams.
    The poor old sound people are the dirty dogs, and the graphics / cinematographers team are shined upon with halos around their heads. Yes their shit don't stink at all..
    It's always been the way – only because you don't "see" sound.
    Nothing is equal when you are talking about dollar value in the bank account either.
    For example, the image team drive home in lovely new shining BMW 750i until he gets behind a sound man and says move over poor man.. So the sound guy is pushed to the side of the road to burn and die in his Toyota…
    There are people dictating the financial part which always "see" everything don't they, but they never seem to hear or feel.
    Well they will, until someone slams something dead centre in their face like a frozen chicken or something..

    I know this because I work in a similar industry, and these days (in broadcast) companies want to save dollars. The camera operator takes on a whole new role and becomes a sound engineer at the same time, and has no idea what they are doing which equals poor sound quality… Sound familiar? Not to mention, putting the reporter and operating staff at risk with a clown pulling down a reporters skirt. Oh damn..
    Yes, this all begins with the image part wanting more money and so they big note themselves taking on more tasks, then the people upstairs get a sniff that they can save money. Its a vicious circle.

    The developers of GT5 are in serious trouble. Jobs have been lost because of this.
    New staff have been employed which have no where near the skills of the people that resigned, and have no proper experience working with projects they didn't create.
    The GFC had a huge impact on this game also, and the loyalty factor was quite low.
    I don't think I'd call them friends of mine, if you know what i'm saying.
    As I was saying, most people left to other companies because of better paying wages.
    There have been many successful games in between the waiting period for this beloved GT5, I'm sure you all know something is seriously wrong, and it is.
    All I can say to you, do not hold your breath because there will be some very sad news coming your way very soon. They should have done it sooner than later, with many things so to speak..

    So if there is "anyone" reading this, pull your finger out and put them all to rest please!

  • sue

    we bought a ps3 just for GT5. If it wasnt ready they should'nt of spewed all this rubbish with constant release dates. I know plenty of people who have turned to Xbox and ditched there ps3 because of all of this. Its a real shame that honest, hardcore fans continue to be messed about. I think personally they've delayed for 3D, and will be the first game lauched for it. Lets just hope that they get there act together. Were losing patience, there losing fans and in the end there losing money and there reputation.

  • rob

    Well, yeah i'm slightly miffed that GT5 still isn't out and wont be untill nov ish ( i hope), BUT, this is gonna be the car game of the milleniuem, there is no contest between other games and GT in this genre. The depth they are going into is obviously incredible and i know that multi player used to cause polyphony a headache, and i assume it still does, so i'd rather wait for this game than a) not have multiplayer and b) not have a game that isn't all consuming, i mean, true online challenges in HD with GT physics!!! Irritating but, hopefully worth any wait, i see this as the b iggest game to come out on PS3, all things considered

  • nick

    I first brought a playstation to play the original, and have owned a ps1, ps2 and now ps3. They have delayed this game so long that I am seriously considering trading my PS3 for an Xbox and playing Forza. Its a sad day.

  • darren crawford

    went on argos site and you can preorder it for delivery in may. sounds like a clue to me

    • Boon

      Not quite Argos now says August 2010, but you can bet that that date won't stick either!!!!

  • Dang I keep hoping it will come out got my PS3 a long time ago in anticipation of the game and still nothing I think if it doesn't come out soon then I just won't buy it.

  • wolfy

    ill keep it short i have the first 60 gb ps3 because iwanted the gt5 game as soon as it came out…. now becuse it has taken so long ps3 bk in box quick trip to argos xbox with racing game. im not giving sony any more $$$ till gt5 !!!!!!!

  • Stilragnod

    Coincidence that the game delay was announced just after the release of Forza don't you think? Lets hope they have decided to get rid of the childish and Infuriating collision penalties (The Real Driving Simulator?), and starting every race in 16th place – how 'Real Driving Simulator' is that? Once we've shelled out our hard-earned on the game we should be able to play it in whatever way we please, and not have to contend with virtually impossible and 'zero fun' challenges – a couple of which are included in Prologue.

    Still looking forward to it though, but this delay is embarrassing – they clearly can't organise themselves.

  • D2-GT

    The overwhelming reson I bought my PS was GT. I would be more than happy if it was the ONLY game in my collection. Clocking GT takes hours upon days, upon months of dedication and when thats done, you can manifest a virtual collection of motors like your name is Mr Leno! Now, I for one wouldn,t want GT to be released before it was ready. But to keep announcing that it will be here soon and raising the expectation, only to smash our hopes into smithereens like an England World Cup dream, is making me question my loyalty towards the Japs. Surely, if they wanted to add more tracks and cars they would have got the important ones sorted, released the game and added updates. And with no real reason for delays I feel like I’m being taken for a ride as well as the hard earned equity that I have relinquished. Its like buying a Ferrari and not being able to take it to a track and mash the pedal to the metal. Me thinks SONY doesnt need my money. Maybe I’ll give more of it to the Yanks. This is taking the EFFIN BISCUIT!

  • T.Rexx

    scheiße !!!!!

  • ANGRYprolougeplayer

    hah DONT BUY AN XBOX the red ring of death will consume you! then the fixed no red ring but still broken XBOX will piss you off! i played forza its need for speed with better sound dont waste your money GT5 will be awesome, they do need to just release the damn thing because if there are minor issues that great invention that has been fixing computer games for so long is on the ps3 what is that ….. oh AN UPDATE!

  • N D Buckham

    Basically other manufacturers have caught and passed this franchise. I put on the prototype after playing Need For Speed: Shift and found it to be vague and slightly disappointing. Too little too late I'm afraid. It will have to be something special after all this time but I fear it will not.

  • NORCAL_105

    the original demo when the PS3 first came out was great. all they needed was more tracks, cars, ext. and the prologue was great. i dont get it. how can it take that long??? how bullshit is that they at first decided to charge $60 for a pre-game??? and i like many other baught a brand new ps3 cause it was gonna come out in march. cmon guys…

  • alan

    i dont normally post on these forums…. but i just gotta put my pennies worth ….. i bought a ps3… the day they came out…. and thought.. omg… cant wait to get gt5….. 3 yrs on….. im still waiting….. and then when i logged onto last week,, to order it for the 10, 3, 10, release…. to find it had been put back yet again till nov 10… was the last straw…. ive always been a manic gt fan … and have been what u might call a loyal station man. but sony must realise theres only so much we will put up with….. anyways… really unhappy.. and on the verge of a nervous breakdown…. i left the site after buying myself an xbox super elite ltd edition forza 3 bundle…….. ive been playing it for 3 days now…. and although i still feel pain that its not gt5…. its fun, fast.. and the game is growing on me in a big way. and at least now… i wont have to sit another year with no driving sim. my worry is that they will delay this game way to long…. and will lose alot of loyal fans across the formats…

    ps3 UnderDogAl

    And now xbox UnderdogAl

    Ps im still gonna get GT5 when its finally releasd… if artheritus hasnt set in on my hands, and i can still see :))

  • Richard

    For gods sake announce a launch date and stick to it. They are making a rod for their own backs here. By repeatedly delaying it they are going to raise expectations beyond what they are capable of delivering. The technology is available so we can update it as needed.

  • Jatt

    I really think this is pure crap. I've bought and played every single GT game and everytime it was something new and great. But the thing with gt5 is that we dont know anything about the game apart from a few screenshots and the odd video. I think im just going to buy forza. It looks fun and atleast i havent got to wait. I really hope polyphony make this game worth the wait but i highly doubt it. Peace

  • Yves

    No point in waiting anymore ; I'll get an Xbox with Forza 3 and here we go !

  • shodnice

    is this a horrible joke!?? I've waited in vane for just about every gt release. pissed off is an understatement. these guys are a joke. and as far as acommodating a few rednecks who will most likely not even purchase gt anyway I'd like to say to hell with them. there are no gt fans who cares about going around in circles, truley. all they have to do is ask a dedicated fan such as myself. if they want more fans to pick up the game they should add a formula 1 section. that would be a great reason in my opinion for pushing back the date. F redneck racin'

  • Chris

    Better not turn into a Duke Nukem Forever…..

  • No1Miller

    Gutted gutted gutted….

    last time i heard it said the game would be out in march,getting a bit sick of waiting now

  • man of many words

    I know that i cant tell you what to do but i think you should at least try the Nascar section of the game. you never know, you might actually like it. also it will increase the sales by alot due to there not being a new nascar this year.

  • Dan

    Don't know if it's true that they've delayed AGAIN!!!! because of Nascar. I sincerely hope not as like previously commented on Nascar is s**t and only red neck hicks who live in trailors are going to bother playing that section!
    Immagine wanting to complete the whole game and having to sit through the boredom of doing the Nascar races just to do so!
    I Bought my PS3 in April '07 and have become sick of waiting for this game to arrive since it was announced. I now really couldn't care less when it comes out and after waiting for this long I may as well wait until the game's on platinum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    this game is like 3 years late i think. and on top of it i bet the game will probly suck when it does come out if ever, if they are having this much trouble making the game then there is something really wrong.

  • na soz

    Come on i want the game already i read the car list and i love it especcialy the BMW Alpina B7

  • not tellin

    dom i think ur riyt

    i wondr how ps wil emprove the ps3 hmmmm…..

  • tez

    might as well get an xbox and play forza, and boycot sony and polyphony!

  • Dom

    I'm beginning to think it'll be out just in time for the PS4…

  • GUS




  • Mickey

    I contacted ”GTPlanet” because they always have the newest and latest videos of GT5, and i asked them – == ”What is the sound like because from the videos i’ve seen, the sound doesn’t seem much different from the Prologue” their reply was ”’The sound will different, but there WILL NOT be much of an improvement over Prologue”’ THIS IS SERIOUSLY BAD NEWS. Forza sounds awesome with the Astros headset on, an GT5 will sound garbage in comarison.

  • MR.C

    I guess that by now they might be developing a 3D add-on to it but with PSN, would it not be better to release the initial product and then keep on updating the game through PSN? We can play with regular cars and wait for Nascar when its done…
    At least we can start to get used to the top gear track.

  • Blake

    they better add cars if i don’t get a peugeot 908 and an audi r15 im going too be pissed or im buying a 360

  • lee

    They’re just giving us an opportunity to save up for the big price tag.

  • tez

    cant wait any more will ditch ps3 and buy xbox and forca

    • Brjha

      it will be polyphony digital's fault when sony loses all of its customers. i could care less if this game came out in 2012

  • K

    All I know is that this game better be damn perfect.

  • ThrottleDemon

    I purchased my PS3 just to play GT5 and since I became tired of playing prologue
    loooooooong ago I have even put it back in its box. If the delay is because of adding NASCAR to the game then I am FREAKING PI**ED OFF!!! Who wants to go around in circles!! Using game space for circle tracks that I wont play instead of adding more REAL tracks is an outrage! Let them make a separate game for the
    NASCAR fans! How much of the game will be NASCAR? If its more than two tracks and a few cars it will be too much. I hate to think I have waited so patiently until now only to get a bastardized version that will have a good portion that I will never play. REALLY TRULY PI$$ED OFF!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Every racetrack eventually makes a circle Throttle, that's how they get back to the start/finish line! So why not include some NASCAR tracks as well? I've been playing the series from the beginning and would welcome the challenge of NASCAR tracks; maybe I wont beat everybody in that genre! "MoJoe_Speed" look for me online, I'll give you a chance sometime!

    • Bri

      Trottle if Nascar gets u pissed u need help

  • Red Star

    If they continue to add new cars (which they will!) it will be delayed again and again. Fall 2010!?! Pipe dreams I tell ya, pipe dreams!

  • freddy

    I heard tha forza sound tested with stock exhaust and with a staght pipe on every single car. That’ll be cool if gran turismo did that so that my 69 camaro won’t sound like my 300zx! And they should make it so you could customize you car or at least paint them.. what they should have done is put gt4 on ps3 on that u can at least add nitrous and put an over sized spoiler. I simply won’t be satisfied until I can swap a corvette ls9 into my 69 camaro. The only good news I’ve read on the net is the there putting lots of cars in the game and if they don’t have the one you like you could request it from psn! I always wanted to be able to drive my personal collection in the game 78 monte 64 impala my dads 65 impalaand the should a drag cuz I’m not much a fan of drift although its fun in real life. My point is that gt series needs to give us our freedom I should be able to race a hotpink 300zx with a r35 vq motor. That’s why grandtheft auto made millions because of all the freedom it offered. Need for speed shift gives you plenty of glitch infested freedom but all I wanna knnow is why I can’t race my z32 300zxtt vs supra my z gets no respect the only games that offered the imfamous z32 is gt of course, forza and hot import nights but that game suuuuuucked. Not even tuner magazines glance at the z32.

    • Charles

      You might be the smartest man on the planet.

  • Mark

    Who cares when it arrives? When it does it’s going to be amazing (and perfect). Perfection takes time. Polyphonic, take as long as it needs. I don’t want rushed out crap, that is for Xbox owners..

  • tk.tptr

    i tooecho what Comedykev and biscuit say
    a)i have done 2 6 month tours in afghanistan
    b)i have been blown up not once but twice in afghanistan
    c)got a new g friend (who is lovely by the way lol)
    d)might kill someone if i found out that after this tour there is someone in sony saying “lets not release this brilliant game now it will clash wit a lesser brilliant game and may ruin profit AND ****!!!”
    there i’ve said it

    o and still wanking…i mean waiting….. i could delete that but for comedy value…i’ll keep it 🙂

    p.s. word of the month is “clunge”

  • Biscuit

    I echo what Comedykev says
    I also have gone of the game since the original announcment. In that time
    a)lost my license after blowing positive on a breath test
    b)got divorced
    c)lost my house in the current recession
    d)found out my first born is not mine.

    but still waiting……

    • that is funny! Only just read this.

  • Bob

    How many years has the PS3 been out now? And still no full version of a Gran Turismo game available yet? Sure the prologue has been out for quite awhile now, but that doesn’t even count. Wouldn’t you think GT5 would have been in development back before the PS3 iself was released, so they could release the game shortly after the system? I remember back when the PS2 was first released GT3 came out right away…they should have planned this better and done the same here.

    I really hope they don’t change too much of the “bones” of the game either. In other words, I look forward to better graphics, better AI, all that, but I hope they keep all the features GT fans have come to love over the years. Like the way they don’t have a way to purchase performance parts for your cars in the prologue version. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come in the full version. Being able to “quick tune” (which is basically just hp and weight) your car up to a certain amount of performance points is lame…I like the concept of having to save up your credits to buy certain parts, and then experimenting around with what parts perform better for different cars…not just turning up a dial in your “quick tune” menu to magically make your car go faster.

    • Gary

      they r taking longer because they r adding in nascar and the tracks and chase and what not so stop bitching the game will only be better aince we r waiting longer and people like me tht like nascar r happy because we dont have a game anymore and this is gonna be amazing

    • jason

      I agree %100 percent about the ability to buy parts. I would also like to see the ability to paint your car and the return of being able to buy wheels. If the idea is realism and the game is aimed at enthusiasts then you should allow for a little customization, because thats what any body would do if they owned any of these cars. No need to go crazy like NFS but paint and wheels is somewhat necessary.

    • Adam

      Prolouge is so old its considered a greatest hit! lol

  • Comedykev

    Ive gone offf the idea of this game. Since it was origionally announced ive:-
    a)Passed my dirving test
    b)Got married
    c)Brought my new house
    d)Had a lovely kid.

    Still waiting …..

    • Brad


    • MartyL

      SAME! Although the kid is still on the way,
      quite a bit of time has passed since the last installment…
      it’s taken sony a while to get all their killer titles out on PS3

  • Sam

    this is absolutely ridiculous, fans have waited long enough. Sure, polyphony digital are known for postponeing and delaying but there comes a point where excitement turns to resentment.

    PS4 launch title

    • dezzo

      …[but there comes a point where excitement turns to resentment]

      This is the point that Sony does not seem to understand. Once your customers turn to resentment, then they stop buying all of Sony's products. Golden rule of business says "never piss off your customers!".

  • Gaz

    I think they’ll release it before Fall (Autumn) I think May… but they wont release a concreat date until all the sales calm down from heavy rain and GOW 3… I think it would be bad for sony to tell people that it will be release shortly after those games, as some people would put off buying them to wait a little for GT5… plus they release it after April it falls into the 2010 business year and will give them a great start instead of adding to an already great 2009 profits. Thats my point of view

    • Laughing at Gaz

      Wow, you were WAY off. Way to suck.

  • Bruticus

    Fake – he said 2009 Xmas earlyer.

    • gookerz

      Never its never coming out.

      • vesta

        its not comin out til september 2010 now!! god sake.

        • nits

          don’t worry guys it will bet ready on the ps4

        • numpty

          think ill stick my £40 in the bank ill be able to afford a real super car before it comes out lol

      • amir

        it will be coming out hopefully in may 2010

    • Marcus

      Man, I got my PS3 when GT Pro came out as I love the game, gonne sell my PS3 and get an XBOX now, they seem to have more respect for their users and release games on a better time scale, F*****G D**KS

      • Angry at sony

        I agree i bought my PS3 about 3 years ago because GT5 was “coming out soon” i have been waiting over 3 years for this game now. The game is finished and ready to be shipped, Sony has no respect for its customers at all, they have delayed it becasue God of war 3 and FF13 are out now and they will wait until they stop selling big numbers and then release GT5.

    • dan

      Its all a con……GT5 doesnt really exist