New iPhone 4G in photograph, possible prototype

By Peter Chubb - Feb 2, 2010

There has been much speculation of the iPhone 4G, we had assumed that Steve Jobs would have announced the new smartphone last week, but that did not happen. However, Engadget has published a photograph with what they say is a prototype of the new handset.

We are not certain if this image is real, but according to Apple Insider, Engadget says that this phone was on show leading up to last weeks iPad announcement. If true then we could see this handset hit the market in about five months time.

Apple Insider had hoped to find a photograph with better image quality, but this seems to be the only one available at this time. You can view the image here, sorry if it is a bit grainy. Hopefully it will be just about good enough for you to make out some features.

Looking closely at the image, it looks as thought the famous aluminum bezel has gone, in its place is a black bezel, but we are not sure what the material is. Although, it could just be a black case to help disguise what the actual iPhone 4G looks like.

If you take a close look at the front of the phone there seems to be a blotch near the earpiece. This could be a front facing camera, we had thought that the iPad would have this feature, but look how that turned out.

Let us know what your thoughts are of this supposed image of a prototype iPhone 4G.

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  • ben g

    After closer inspection of the enlarged picture, I have come to the conclusion that the iPhone pictured is not infact a new 4G model.

    I believe this as the iPad, (as it is ”top secret”) is screwed down with many screws. If anything the iPhone is more ”top secret” and would not be left freely lying if it were a prototype.

  • iPhone 4g should be very cool, but unless they make drastic improvements I will stick with the 3gs.

  • EdwardG

    Man, I hope you guys arent getting excited about that picture… Looks like a 3g or 3gs model with a black rubber/hard case on it. lol If someone did have an insider picture of this phone I highly doubt the photo would be this bad of quality. Keep the hype coming though guys, I always love a little laugh… haha

  • Sean

    I hope it comes out with 850,900,2100 mhz umts and it about time to have a iphone with 900 mhz added to the frequency’s that they have then more poeple would buy them and now there more cell phone networks that use 900 mhz as well as 2100 mhz and here in australia 900,2100 mhz are the main frequency’s used buy more networks and one network uses 850 mhz and 4 g would be great and it would be interstring if a 3g umts will work with 4g but slower and i would be waiting for the 4g iphone and i would get one myself and i would like to see if 4g here in australia would be faster then cable or adsl 2+

  • Eddie

    Well the new iPhone 4G sounds and looks great, however it’s best if they include a good camera along with it’s already successful great features. With other site posts on the upcomming iPhone, a front camera is included with video calling capabilities and possible 5MP camera (why not make it 8 and have HD Video recording capability as well?). Overall seems to have been my best decision to wait for this release of iPhone purchase that I waited for some time.