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Modern Warfare 2 Video: 5 Kills After just 5 seconds!

Whilst playing Call of Duty World at War many gamers became frustrated with early ‘noobs’, so much so that in the end noobs would not explode if fired early-on in a match.

A recent video posted on ConnectedConsoles shows an early noob multikill, however I don’t think any gamers will be annoyed with the skill and luck which this video shows.

The video (which has been embedded at the end of this post) shows someone ‘noobing’ on Modern Warfare 2, just two seconds in to a match on the Karachi map, when the noob lands on the otherside of the map it kills 5 enemies.

If you have seen a better earlier multikill video on ModernWarfare 2 feel free to post the YouTube URL in the comments section below.



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