Apple’s Next Tablet / iPad: Rumored Specifications

By Jamie Pert - Feb 2, 2010

It has almost been a week since Apple unveiled their Apple iPad tablet device, we are now hearing rumors regarding their follow-up device, this device sounds like it will differ from the original iPad quite dramatically.

If these rumored specifications turn out to be accurate two of the biggest differences will be instantly noticeable, one difference will be that it will be much larger, it will also be Mac OS X-based rather than iPhone OS-based.

If these rumors turn out to be true it will mean that the performance hardware within this ‘next-gen iPad’ will be far superior to the original, as Mac OS X’s requirements are much higher than iPhone OS’s.

I think the iPad is a good ‘first-attempt’ at a tablet, however I beleive that its functionality is too restricted, therefore a second-gen iPad may prove to be worth the wait, for more information check out SlashGear].

Will you wait for Apple’s second iPad?

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  • Micky

    They can't change the OS for the second iPad, they would have too many apps already developed for it based on the iPhone OS!
    This would also limit the progression of hardware updates aswell as it would have to be backward compatible and also the app would need to run on older iTampons, I mean Pads, I mean iPads.

  • Jim

    This product is not yet ready for my $600 of hard-earned money…and that’s not even including the data plan…who buys first generation Apple products anyway?