Apple iPhone OS 3.1.3: Any Problems So Far?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 2, 2010

As you may have already heard earlier today Apple officially released iPhone OS 3.1.3, if you would like to find out exactly what this update consists of check out our previous article.

This update will work on all versions of the iPhone and iPod touch, one thing to be aware of is that if you currently run a jailbroken iPhone this update breaks blackra1n, therefore I’m sure hackers will be working on a fix for the exploit.

Obviously with the millions of compatible devices out-there there is a good chance that some users will experience problems once they have installed the update, therefore if you notice any problems once you have installed the update feel free to log it in the comments section below.

We will try our best to investigate any problems that you come across, or at least point you in the right direction. As we always say ensure that you back up important data beforehand.

What problems have you came across so far? If everything is fine feel free to tell us that aswell so that we get a good mix of both positive and negative feedback.

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  • LessNoMore

    The 3.1.3 upgrade was a disaster on my iphone 3G; it killed the wifi and since it was out of warranty Apple would only offer me a refurbished model at $200. I won't purchase anything new from a company that fries their own hardware with their own upgrade. Its really inexcusable.

  • i upgraded and now my iphone keeps showing a picture of a USB 2.0 and itunes. it says emergency calls only. i keep turning it off and on and plugging it into itunes to see if that helps but nothing is working. please help me.

  • Akin

    i have the same problem to , kindly help. Phone not mine. i need help urgently. Have you sorted yours?

  • JAMO

    After upgrading to 3.1.3, wifi stopped working. DO NOT Update your iPhone 3GS. WIFI is NOT working

  • stefan crisan

    i installed last night iPhone OS 3.1.3 and after 3 hours my internet conection doesn’t works,i dont know what to do,cause i cant use my apps.and also my battery level is worse now.wht i must to do,someone please help me.thanks

  • alex

    i finally updated the os on my ipod touch cuz i found one good download, nd now all of a sudden my wifi is sucking up badly, goes from three bars to one 🙁

  • hinda

    Iam trying to make a call but nothing is happening

  • Amanda

    I now cannot send texts or make calls when the 3G is enabled. Has anyone else found this to be a problem or is it just my phone?

  • Ramesh

    Plz DO NOT Update your iPhone 3GS. WIFI is NOT working.

  • levi

    i'm not going to do this update it sounds like there are some serious problems

  • nigel

    my iphone icons keep going very big and i can not reduce the size no matter what i do i have to reset and start again any help please

  • goingtogetkilled

    i upgraded and now my iphone keeps showing a picture of a USB 2.0 and itunes. it says emergency calls only. i keep turning it off and on and plugging it into itunes to see if that helps but nothing is working. please help me. its my mums phone not mine. shes going to kill me tomorrow morning if ive broken it

  • Ramasamy

    Exactly Wifi stopped working so please DON'T upgrade to 3.1.3 version. It's better to work with the existing version itself!

  • zeke

    It made wifi on my 3G completely non-functional. No detection of any Wifi network. Battery life also greatly diminished.

  • benny

    My wifi stopped working straight after I updated. I have reset everything including a factory reset. It doesn't even give me an option to turn wifi on. Poor form apple

  • el diablo

    i updated my iPod tuch OS to 3.1.3 in th morning and in the evenig all my music files and videos are gone! when i connect the ipod to the computer, the graph in the ipod summary says the music files have occupied 3GB and even then there is no music in my ipod. can someone plz help me?

  • Cg

    Battery life got worse! I used to do fairly well, now I can barely make day.

  • JL

    3rd party apps don’t work – they launch for a split second and then the system returns to the home screen.

  • JW

    i dwonloaded 3.1.3 today and completely froze my iphone. on tech support with phone carrier for 5 hours…dfu, restore etc and screen on itunes indicates full green bars “Restoring iphone software” and iphone still not restored with picture of usb and arrow to iphones pic. anyone else having this issue?

    • Akin

      I am having almost the same issue too, i cant really remember the update i downloaded, after downloading, i was told that the system does not recognise my SIM again and that i should contact Apple. Since then, i have the picture of the usb cable pointing to the I tune logo, i cannot use my I phone since then.

  • Erica

    First, it bricked my phone. After having to reatore device, none of my3rd party apps are working!! VERY IRRITATED!!!!

  • Jim

    After upgrading to 3.1.3, the phone simply cannot connect to the internet via 3G, forcing me to restart the phone continually, which is a real drag.

    And here’s another odd thing I noticed when receiving a call – It registers a missed call every time my custom ringtone ends a chorus. Meaning if I have a really short ringtone, I get 6 missed calls when the phone rings 6 times. This makes me appear to be really popular, but it’s actually very misleading.

    Before switching to the iphone, I usually read up on reviews before upgrading my phone’s software. But I never bothered with apple cos I thought they were da bomb~ What Happened?!

  • Brian

    After upgrading to 3.1.3, wifi stopped working. Tried rebooting,restoring phone,rest network settings, etc. but no luck. Any suggestions on getting wifi working again?

    • Barmanjonny

      i have the same problem have you had any solutions yet?

  • Alex merk

    My iPhone 3gs keeps showing a note that charging isn’t supported with this accessory… Even when nothing is plugged in to the phone.

  • James

    I installed 3.1.3 last night on my iphone 3gs. This morning while answering an IM, my keys wouldn’t click like a typewriter. Actually it worked about 40 percent of the time and 60 percent was totally silent. I’m assuming this is going to happen also when sending an email. Also, when I received an IM, the tone was different on one out of 4 that I did. Don’t ask me clue. More interested on effects of the clicking sounds not working properly..Drives me nuts.