Underwater Plane by Sir Richard Branson

As you probably know Sir Richard Branson enjoys pushing new limits in many different ways, his latest ‘toy’ is an “underwater plane” available fro exclusive hire.

This underwater plane is called the Necker Nymph and is said to be part submarine, part airplane, the Nymph is said to allow guests to “explore the bottom of the ocean” and has the ability to bank or perform 360 degree turns

The Nympth was designed by “submersible firm Deep Flight”, this company has previously built similar vehicles for Steve Fossett and James Cameron.

If you would like to hire the sub it will be available when you exclusively hire the Necker Belle yacht, from what we can see the sub will be available for an additional rate of €17,900 ($25,000).

To find out a lot more about Branson’s latest business plan check out TheIndependent.



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