Twitter Lists Explained: Feature helps organize people you’re following

Once you begin following a few users on Twitter things can begin to get a bit messy, there is a solution which can tidy things up a bit, this feature is called “Twitter Lists’.

In affect “Twiiter Lists” allow you to group together people into relevant subcategories, therefore you could create a list called “colleagues”, by viewing this list you will filter-out all tweets from people who are not in your “colleagues” list.

Creating a list and adding people to these lists is extremely simple, also following users lists is extremely simple too, you can see full details on Mashable.

There are two sites I write for which use Twitter, these are ProductReviews and InEntertainment, I have set up a list which filters their tweets into a separate list, you can see the list here, you can also subscribe to this list aswell.

To find out in detail what Twitter Lists can offer check out Mashable. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter, I tweet all of the biggest stories I talk about.



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