PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII side-by-side

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 1, 2010

In most circumstances, games on the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 are almost the same graphically but this view will not be agreed with by some gamers that are not open minded. Yesterday, Sankaku Complex reported that Final Fantasy XIII’s Xbox 360 graphics are said to be “Inferior to PS3″.

Final Fantasy XIII has been tested side-by-side with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Players, game journalists, and developers have all given opinions after having some gameplay time. Sankaku Complex said in their article that players find the PlayStation 3 version better, quoting one person who said that they “know it’s DVD vs. BD” but they did not expect the graphic difference to be “noticeable”.

Does the Xbox 360 being DVD really matter? This question has been raised over and over; although it’s a fact that DVD is faster than Blu-ray and many DVDs may need to be used when one Blu-ray would be sufficient. But should this really affect graphics?

The website also quotes a game journalist who apparently said that both the 360 and PS3 versions were shown side-by-side, and that the “360 version was noticeably less crisp”. You can read more on this in their article here, and also what developers recently said.

Read more from the above links, and then share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Slasher71

    It was developed specifically for the PS3, and not to be a multiplatform game. I mean they aren't even releasing a 360 version in Japan, only the PS3 version. So that should say something. IT was simply so they could make more money because the 360 has a bigger install base in the US. That's it. This is what they had to do in order to make it work.

    Play it on whatever system you prefer, but either way you are still getting the same game. But if visuals are whats important to you, then just use this info in making your decision.

  • Antonio

    Come on.. …give the Ps3 a break.. This is the first time I heard of a multi platform game that is better graphically on the Ps3…

    assassins creed 1 and 2
    call of duty modern warfare 1 and 2
    Bioshock 2 (im sure about thiz)

    • Mark

      Most of those games are graphically better on PS3. GTA IV and MW games for sure…

      • alex

        i own mw2 on ps3 and my cousin owns the 360. The graphics, texture wise seem to be about the same. But on the ps3 the colors just don’t seem as vibrant. It seems like the brightness was cranked up too high, and no matter how I adjust it, the colors never seem deep enough for my liking. While the 360’s colors seem very good. Yes, I have tried my ps3 on my cousins tv. Yes, I adjusted the settings. No, it didn’t make much difference.

        • Amir

          which is the case usually with most multiplats. They are brighter on the PS3 and darker on the 360. its weird.

    • Amir

      actually Modern Warfare 1 and 2 were identical. Same with Bioshock 2. Bayonetta and AC 1 ill give that to you.

  • dunuck

    before starting a flame war
    i wanna make clear why the ps3 version superior

    Its not just because of the bluray format, well in part it is ;), but also because the ps3 can produce better graphics than the 360 in, thanks to the Cell, and HDMI 1.3

    Sony owns a big percentage of Square, and FF XIII was initially meant to be a ps2 title then Square Enix’s shift over to the PS3, and took one and a half year more to develop the game for the ps3 and use the CELL as efficiently as possible not just relying on the GPU chip like most multi-platform titles do.

    The ps3 CELL is capable of rendering graphics also, its kind of like GPGPU,it can do cpu tasks while it also performs tasks that are traditionally made by the GPU

    The Xbox 360 can do up to 4x MSAA via the built in graphics card. However, the PS3 has an NVIDIA card which really doesn’t do much in the post-processing department as it was initially intended to be left off the console. The Cell processor was originally supposed to handle all graphics processing, but due to concerns that it would be difficult for the developers to program on, a decision was made to incorporate a limited graphics card.

    The CELL processor for instance is capable of doing the post-processing work resulting in edge-smoothing beyond the capabilities of a 16x MSAA found on high-end PC graphics card. Sony’s intent was for the developers to utilize the Cell processors eventually leaning off the graphics card crutch. (Which is already happening with exclusive ps3 games like uncharted 2)

    The reason why all the Multi-Platform tittles look basically the same on both consoles, or sometimes have slightly better textures on the 360 is because the xbox 360 is easier to program, devs basically develop first for the 360 and the port it to the ps3, without using efficiently all the CELLs SPUs if they even use all.

    Because MOST of the multi-platform titles don’t even get close to using the full potential of the CELL efficiently, they mostly rely on the ps3 GPU which as mentioned before is rather limited, as it takes more work than just porting it from the other console, and that affects profits of 3rd party devs in multi-platform titles the mostly want to achieve an equal balance between the game in both consoles

  • JoeTheGamer

    Well i don’t know much about games and gizmos but the PS3 has a really powerful cpu. I developed it. It will obliterate anything the Xbox gizmo has. I am 67 years old.

  • Ray

    ITS COMPRESSED! So yes, DVD is inferior to Blue Ray. Compression would result in lower visual and audio quality. Square has already said they had to compress the Xbox version quite a bit to get it to fit on 3 DVDs. The PS3 version isnt compressed like the 360 one is.

    • Waldo

      Without coming off like some raving PS3 fanboy, i’d like to refer all the 360 campers who lol’d at the need for blu-ray storage, basically quoting “WTF do you need 25gb of storage when a DVD will do just fine?”. Well, sorry guys, but 3 DVD’s tells me something different.

      I think Microsoft might want to look at an alternative storage device for the next Xbox. I’m sure they are, but I doubt it’ll be Blu-Ray after backing the now defunkt HD-DVD.

      • Alex

        HD-DVD was DEAD


  • Nope

    LOL @ the author… learn the difference between CBR and VBR before making ignorant BD is slower than DVD. The 360’s 12x read is faster at PEAK not nominal… let me simplify for you, there is only so much COMPRESSED data you can stick at the outer circumference of a disc to take advantage of that PEAK bps on a VBR format.

    Then there’s the fact the Cell’s SPUs can perform the same work a GPU can… look at the multitude of tech demos out ther or games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, third party games like Dark Sector, the Sabature, Devil May Cry, and now FF XIII. PS3 is harder to program for but is a more capable system. BD, Cell, and standard HDD, and HDMI 1.3… plus they’re already working on 3D games on PS3… nuf said.

    The only reason why devs are Taking the time to work on ps3 is because it’s outselling 360 since the slim came out. but back to FF XIII. Sony owns a big chunk of Square so do you reay think they’re going to let this game look better on 360 or delay it any more than it has been? Either way every xbot tht buys FF XIII is giving Sony money 30 cents on the dollar to be somewhat precise. LOL

    • @Nope: You’re response is utterly retarded and only shows how little you really do know. What you DID accomplish here is showing that your clearly a ps3 cock sucking fanboy. Do I own a ps3, yep. Do I feel the need to be a childish cock like you are, nope. Grow the **** up and make a logical post next time.

      • Ray

        you just destroyed your own credibility. You smell like a Xbot troll. You dont know what your talking about. You just instult because your precious crapbox is inferior.

      • Jim

        Mr Troll,

        Actually the PS3 is superior hardware, has more features and (judging by the red ring of death and lawsuits) is more reliable than the 360.

        My PS3 game with wireless networking (saved $100 over 360) has free internet play (saved $$$ over annual fee for Live on 360). I replaced the 40 GB HDD with a 250 GB regular laptop drive. When I put the new drive in I copied the files from the backup the PS3 made to a USB thumb drive. I can view Blu-Ray movies, or download HD movies. 360 can only download. Etc…..