MAG Review Roundup: PS3

As you probably know MAG recently launched for the Sony PlayStation 3, now that experts have had a few days to try out the game reviews are emerging letting us know just how good the game really is.

The hype surrounding this game has been pretty big, this is mainly due to the fact that online battles can consist of up to 256-online players.

Metacritic have recently put together a lot of reputable reviews, which has resulted in Metacritic averaging out the scores to give the game an impressive metascore of 78.

The highest score came from WonderwallWeb, they scored the game 90 out of 100, you can see their full review here. They say the game “is an instant classic and worthy of a place in everyone’s Playstation 3”.

The most reputable reviews which didn’t seem to be too impressed with the game were from Eurogamer and VideoGamer. Both websites score the game just 70 out of 100, it seems that both reviews seem to think that numbers aren’t everything and would much prefer to have a well polished game with half the limit of online players.

Other reviews worth checking out include GamingXP, Kombo, DigitalChumps, PSXExtreme,, StrategyInformer, Desctructoid, TheSixthAxis, Meristation, 3DJuegos, IGN UK, Cheat Code Central, 9Lives and

Have you played MAG? If so, feel free to write your own mini review in the comments section below, also score the game out of 100.



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