MAG Review Roundup: PS3

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2010

As you probably know MAG recently launched for the Sony PlayStation 3, now that experts have had a few days to try out the game reviews are emerging letting us know just how good the game really is.

The hype surrounding this game has been pretty big, this is mainly due to the fact that online battles can consist of up to 256-online players.

Metacritic have recently put together a lot of reputable reviews, which has resulted in Metacritic averaging out the scores to give the game an impressive metascore of 78.

The highest score came from WonderwallWeb, they scored the game 90 out of 100, you can see their full review here. They say the game “is an instant classic and worthy of a place in everyone’s Playstation 3”.

The most reputable reviews which didn’t seem to be too impressed with the game were from Eurogamer and VideoGamer. Both websites score the game just 70 out of 100, it seems that both reviews seem to think that numbers aren’t everything and would much prefer to have a well polished game with half the limit of online players.

Other reviews worth checking out include GamingXP, Kombo, DigitalChumps, PSXExtreme,, StrategyInformer, Desctructoid, TheSixthAxis, Meristation, 3DJuegos, IGN UK, Cheat Code Central, 9Lives and

Have you played MAG? If so, feel free to write your own mini review in the comments section below, also score the game out of 100.

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  • jack

    i dunno if i should buy mag i want 2 if its good so can any 1 tell me if it good and if it is send me a messige on psn my ad is ICOOL_96

  • Kevin

    As time goes you find that this game is totally unbalanced. SVER has much better weapons and armor. It takes me on average from 12-17 hits to take down a SVER soldier. They are also harder to kill with explosives like grenades and rockets. More and more players are becoming frustrated with the obvious advantage SVER has. People are quitting Valor and RAVEN and moving to SVER because of the obvious advantage. With time I predict this game will either have to balance out the fairness or people will start playing Battlefield 2 when it comes out in March,I know I will.

    BTW, I am level 38.

    • is mag good i want 2 buy and if it isnt i wont buy so tell asap

      • steve

        to answer your question – yep mag is good – loads better than good. Very addictive. The only people who don’t like MAG are those lone COD warriors who believe every FPS should be like COD, if it differs from COD then its rubbish. If you have that kind of attitude don’t buy MAG.

  • Brendan

    I bought MAG on saturday. I was a huge fan of the original SOCOM when Zipper developed the titles but didnt realise they were behind this until recently. Id been keeping an eye on this game though for quite some time.

    Now..if you want to run about aimlessly an shoot people then stick to COD. If your graphics addicted, stick to COD.

    If you want to play a new type of multiplayer where players actually work together then play MAG.
    Forget about graphics, I agree they are not as good as some other games but thats not to say they are bad. But thats not important.

    This is not MW2. Once you get passed that MAG comes into its own. The battles are epice an intense. You can’t simply run to an objective an take it, you have to work it.

    As you progress to about level 10 it really kicks off, modifying your character and weapons an then being able to lead a squad. as you go on you can lead the platoon an eventually the company. I have not got that far yet.

    Its the little things you see as you play, paradropping in on the battle field watching hundres of people runnin about APCs and Humvees, air strikes, helicopters all add to the atmosphere. These actions are not purely cosmetic everything you see and hear is a direct action of someone else in the game every bullet an explosion you hear is actually happening.

    The servers have held up well ive played alot since saturday and have had no problems at all.

    This is a great game purely for playability and the excitement it brings. MAG is a Reminder why I love gaming!

  • Antonio

    I forgot to mention that I think MW2 came out at a perfect time. The battles in MW2 prepared me and my freinds for the wars in MAG. And for that, I thank you MW2.

  • Antonio


    The fact that I’m on a console and not on a PC playing an MMO is huge. And for a console, this game definitely qualifies for an MMO title. 256 players on a console? WOW, that’s definitely POSITIVE!

    If you’re going to complain about the graphics, something is wrong with you. Sure, the graphics are not better than Uncharted 2, but who really cares. And if you do, You’re spoiled. The graphics are fine.

    Bugs? Minor if you ask me. Look at the “Polished” MW2, there are glitches galore. There were plenty of time i fell through the map or got ejected into space and could see everything and do nothing.

    Bottom Line, The game is really adictive. I’ve played MW2 and I love it. But I’m addicted to MAG. The maps are definitely HARD. Some of the wars seem impossible, but you know what, that’s the fun part of it. Also, the fact that I’m in co-op with my friends is even better. It’s pushing us to get better and strategize. We’re finding keys to the battle. Our strategies are improving and so is our communication. And we’re having fun too while whooping some butt, or getting are butts handed to us.

    In fact, to me and my friends, this game is probrably like crack. Addicting. We have been playing it solid since it came out. I played MW2 1 time since getting MAG and I’ve just gone back to MAG. The war zones are incredible. The fact that i’m pitted against other human beings on such a large scale is awesome.

    One my friends came from playing World Ware 2 Online (He’s been playing since it came out) And he loves MAG. He said that MAG is what he and others wish World Ware 2 Online could be.

    Me, I played Planet Side and MAG reminds me of Planet Side but without the lag and without the super long games.

    Anyway, MAG is great

  • Branden

    game is awesome. very frustrating at times, but has a learning curve. it teaches you to work together, watch your flank, actually hit your target (compared to CODs ridiculous aim assist) and you feel really satisfied at the end of one of your good matches because you know this game is realistic, and you really kick a**. And yet, there are multiple issues, bugs, and just general problems i had with the game, which really made me angry at the game, yet i eventually just learned to love the game regardless, and with a patch, ill love it twice as much



    9.5/10 with a patch

    • brunsy713

      What is a Patch?

      • Travis

        A patch is where the makers of the game make something that you can download that fixes problems with their game and or adds new content.Considering this is made from zipper,theres gonig to be tons of dlc’s to keep us preoccupied and great community support.I’m going to buy this game soon

  • reapergrim

    i love the game, although there are some balancing issues and the maps get a little old pretty fast. Managing platoons is really fun especially calling in air strike against attackers trying to destroy your bunker. so all in all i would say at least an 85/100.