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iPhone: Flash built app released by Blockdot

Although Apple do not offer native support for Flash on their iPhones it has not stopped Dallas-based Blockdot using Adobe’s Flash to create an iPhone App.

This is thought to be one of the first iPhone Apps created using Adobe’s Flash, the app itself is a digital version of Three Card Monte.

The games was created using Adobe Flash Professional CS5, apparently this greatly reduced the turn-around time in creating the App.

The game is pretty simple and involves the same sort of gameplay you would expect with Three Card Monte, you must “keep your eyes on the prize as the dealer flips, shuffles, and rearranges the cards! When the dealer stops, choose the queen of hearts by touching a card on the screen”.

I would imagine if the game proves to be stable it could set a trend for other developers games and Apps, for more information check out PRLog.



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