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iPhone 4G and iPad: OS 3.2 SDK features video calling

We are hearing rumors which suggest that the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (software development kit) features “rudimentary support for video calling” (according to Engadget).

This could pave the way for future iPhone and iPad versions to offer video conferencing, there are also a long list of other features featured in the SDK which could really expand the capabilities of Apple devices running Apple OS.

From what we can see there are a lot of other impressive features included in the SDK, such as “some sort of multitasking”, “landscape orientation of the homescreen”, “handwriting keyboard” and “location aware ads in Maps”.

According to RedmondPie’s article we could also see a Apple’s iPad begin to offer a few more functions, such as SMS capabilities and even phone calls.

Until we hear more evidence we will just have to take this as a rumor, however as we hear information which confirms/refutes these rumors we will keep you posted.



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