IPad / iPhone Future: Verizon 4G in 2010, AT&T in 2012

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2010

When Apple unveiled their iPad last week many consumers were a little disappointed to hear that they were staying loyal to AT&T, therefore we thought that we would look at what the future holds for the iPhone 4G, the iPad, AT&T and Verizon.

The day after the iPad was unveiled AT&T began touting investments in its 3G HSPA network, “AT&T COO John Stankey said that the company was investing $2 billion in improving its wireless network in 2010”.

This will help pay for “2,000 new cell sites”, which will solidify AT&T’s network for both the iPhone 3GS and the Apple iPad, I wonder how it will affect Verizon if AT&T’s coverage and reliability becomes on a par with Verizon.

Verizon are looking to roll-out their 4G LTE network later this year, whereas AT&T’s LTE network is not scheduled until 2012, I wonder if improvements to AT&T’s 3G network will possibly hold off a 2010 Verizon iPhone 4G.


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  • Robert

    Hello, I would like to say, AT&T service sucks compared to Verizon. The iphone is great but without good service it is worthless. I am just stuck in a contract with AT&T and would break it to switch to Verizon, but only if they were to carry the iphone.

  • just the facts

    i had a iphone for about a year and a half with at&t and its the same thing everybody says crappppppp service. i had no choice but to switch to the droid which to me is a just as good as the iphone. the only thing i like about the iphone is the apps which gets old after a week lol. i think that the iphone has to make a move from at&t because everybody is caughting on to how crap they are and leaving…………….and i dont thinkkkkk you can sell phones if all the customers leave. so C.E.O. of apple read my lips AT&T SUCKS AND IS KILLING YOUR SELLS. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB GO TO WHERE THE PPL ARE GOING AND THATS AWAY FROM……………….D.C.AT&T (DROP CALLS AT&T)

  • Joey

    Lots of sensitve morons when it comes to phone service. My wife has ATT, I have Verizon. Haven't had an issue with either in terms of service. Really depends on where you live. These blanket statements of service failure is ridiculous.

  • Mike

    Thanks hitdog….you are correct there is a ton of speculation being presented as fact…lastly I did have an iphone for 1 year…great device (although the wifi kept burning out), nice apps, but AT&T cell phone service is crap…lots of dropped calls. I switched to Verizon with a Blackberry Storm 2 and will get an iphone on verizon as soon as it comes out.

  • IphoneUSEer


    • hitdog

      Apple did not extend their contract until 2011. You shouldnt' believe things you read. Verizon is still very much in the mix for a Summer iPhone. I believe CNN and Fox News over some IphonUSEer forum hack.

      Show me proof of your 2011 claim.. oh wait, there is no proof, because it's not true.

      And one last tidbit. Verizon's testing lab is right here in Dublin, Ohio. Their employees have been told they may begin testing a CDMA iPhone as early as late April/Early May. Testing usually takes 2 months which would lead to???? Oh… June/July… exactly what CNN said.

      And 4G is not LTE. iPhone 4G is "fourth generation" which will be capable of 4G speed when it's available, but will also run on 3G.

      Wow. Lots of really uninformed people here.

  • You all are idiots

    what a dumb article. Face the music Verizon users…you were doomed with from Apple not liking VCast (competition), from your shotty networking what suppose to be “reliable” with a dumb 3G that isn’t fast nor able to multi-band. if Apple were planning to get verizon an iPhone, they would have made iPad compatible with CDMA and a CDMA chipset. Guess what, it’s using GSM, meaning you fail Verizon. Even if Verizon brings out their LTE 4G, they won’t be able to bring it available in all the parts of the States. Plus just like DEE said, it’s only data 4G. Stop typing up articles that gives Verizon users hope. These people already missing out on something they should have enjoyed…switch over to AT&T and shutup about your wishes.

    • John Walker

      aha…why are AT&T users so defensive?

    • Steve

      I’ve enjoyed an iPhone, Mr. “You all are idiots.” If AT&T would have offered better service I would have stayed. Unfortunately, AT&T has the worst wireless service around. Plus, if you would have done your homework, you would see that the Verizon network IS faster than AT&T. Another typical AT&T user that can’t differentiate. Let me get my crayons out for you. iPhone=good, AT&T=bad.

      • Moon

        haha…they are so defensive cuz they know its a wack service all they got good is the iphone…i agree with Steve, if ATT were to be “soooooo great” why it got voted the worst service. I wouldnt mind the iphone but im not leaving Verizon…i get service everywhere, even underground in da train stations, while my ATT friends dont get it in common places such as parks. all these commercials about ATT & VZW with actor Luke Wilson & on spanish channels, saying VZW is bad, its just PATHETIC that they have to waste alot of money on commercials just so they can get some more customers, you dont see VZW doing that,they just advertise their phones..if iphone does switch over to VZW, ill definitely get one but if not then ill stay with my blackberry.

    • HITDOG

      you are the idiot. 4G iPhone is not LTE use. It's 3G data capable of a 4G upgrade. 4G sounds for fourth generation. Let me do the math for you. First there was the iPhone. then iPhone 3G. Then, iPhone 3GS. Now there will be iPhone 4G. Coming to ATT this summer, and MORE THAN LIKELY Verizon Wireless. Again people, watch the news. Stop giving your opinions as fact.

      ATT did not extend their agreement with Apple through 2011 for the iPhone. That agreement you read about was the IPAD….. GEEZ! At least google it if you are too lazy to believe the news.

      the IPAD was given exclusive to ATT to keep the business relationship strong. THERE WAS NO EXTENSION OF THE IPHONE CONTRACT.


    • haha atnt

      Iphone 4g still just a shitty jobs mob product. Android rules, apple just followes and tried to sue everyone in market competition

  • ashley

    The iphone 4G is the 4th generation iphone has nothing to do with having a 4G network. It would work better on a 4G network (anyone phone would but its not required)

  • Dee

    There can’t be an iPhone 4G this year, because LTE is not tested for voice yet. Verizon is only rolling out 4G data this year and their plan is to have 4G voice by 2012 (same as AT&T). Do a little Googleing, and you can see their past announcements regarding LTE.