DLC Future: Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2010

As many of you may know Mass Effect 2’s DLC doesn’t quite work in the way that other DLC works, instead you receive a code when you buy an original copy of the game, this code allows access to gain access to DLC before anyone else, better still it looks as if it will be free.

One of the disadvantages to consumers is that it will mean that people who buy trade-ins will not have access to this DLC as the original purchaser will probably have used the code.

Obviously this will have more benefits for game developers as people will see more value in buying original games rather then saving a few dollars on a trade-in, many people are worrying that other developers will unveil their own versions of “The Cerberus Network”, which in the long term means more original games will be purchased.

Whilst I understand the reasoning behind this idea I feel that it is pretty annoying for gamers, lets face it games aren’t cheap at the best of times, therefore sometimes gamers need to save a few cents by buying a trade-in.


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  • Vailenn

    Of all the games I have played, I would honestly say ME, ME2 & DAO the 3 top RPGs that Bioware released recently, are games I likely would never trade in. Or at least I would hold onto them and play them some months later, for years, or until the graphics become outdated for instance. So who cares if the DLC is not transferrable, these stories ROCK, the mechanics are fantastic, and the price of most of this DLC is well worth the investment, as are these games.

  • Thee Holliday

    not to mention, you can buy the cerberus network at anytime for 15$ and get all of that free content. you are not cut off from the dlc like many of the "buy here get this" exclusives that gamestop, best buy, and other outlets get objectively cutting you off from ever experiencing a section of the game because you do not want to drop 180$ to get 3 separate pieces of on disk game expansions.

  • MassBo$$

    While you have a completely valid point about games not being cheap…what are the developers doing but saving you money by giving you access to free DLC which would have originally cost anywhere from 10-20 bucks per download for only a few hours content at that…and doing that with a game like the mass effect trilogy (franshice) in its almost unlimited entireity is weel worth buying the original game…in my opinion it will save you even more money in the long run

  • Skye

    Its really awesome, for those of you who say “Im not made of money blah blah blah”. You have to understand getting that free cerberus card is great because to get it online its 1200 micro points!!! Figure that out $6.25 per 500 so ur gonna have to buy a set of 1000 and a set of 500 or flat out a set of 2000 which adds up pretty quick. SO for that 60$ New Game you dont have to mess with any of that. and btw heres the math.

    New:60$+(Free Content)=60$
    Used:50$+(No free content 1200 micro)$18.75=$68.75

    And for those of you who do not know the price for a used mass effect will remain between 50-55$ for about 2-3 months.

    So which is cheaper??? Well any person with half a brain could see buying it used is much more expensive.

    P.s. I know your gonna say hey no tax was added or hey the used games go down after awhile!!! well guess what, im not figuring tax and so do new ones. Thank you thank you!

  • Izzy

    “and i think its fair…bioware are not stopping anyone get the content…they are however rewarding loyal customers, and people who buy legal versions (and not pirate copies)”

    I believe it’s the exact opposite of fair, most gamers aren’t made of money (me included) and I prefair to save money and get a pre-owned with some scratches then have to fork out alot more. If more componies do this then it may get very annoying.

    • Donke

      The reason it’s fair is that Bioware had to spend money to develop ME2 and needs the money produced from game sales to pay the bills as well as continue making awesome games. If you buy a pre-owned copy Bioware doesn’t get that money but Game Stop does (for doing nothing other than having shelf space – that doesn’t seem fair). What I do is if I really like a game company I buy the game (Bioware is included b/c of Dragon Age, ME1&2, Kotor, Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, etc – I’m a big fan of thier games) but if its a game or company I don’t really care for I may just buy it used to try it out. A company has a right to defend thier product’s earning power and we as consumers have a right to decide whether or not it is worth paying for.

  • Ste

    1200 ms points for the xbox, though i dont know bout pc

    and i think its fair…bioware are not stopping anyone get the content…they are however rewarding loyal customers, and people who buy legal versions (and not pirate copies)

  • Kazz

    To give some information those who do buy a pre-owned copy of ME2 can still get the Cerberus Network. They just have to buy a code from Bioware’s site. Not sure on the exact price but I think it’s around $15.