Bill Gates: Work on Vaccines

By Jamie Pert - Feb 1, 2010

Love him or hate him you can’t criticize all of Bill Gates’ recent philanthropy work, a recent article posted on TimesOnline looks at how Bill plans to save 8 million children.

It seems as if Bill will commit to improve immunization over the next ten-years, this commitment will apparently cost Bill around $10 billion, Bill wants the next 10 years to become “the decade of the vaccine”.

This $10 billion is said to be the largest ever single charitable pledge, Bill did admit to being impatient, however being impatient in regards to changing global health must be admired.

It is thought that this investment will perhaps save up to 8.7 million lives, another statistic stated that a rough guide shows you can save a live for around $2,000 (on average).

To find out more about Bill’s recent pledge check out TimesOnline’s article.

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