Apple Comparison: iPad vs iPod Touch for Video, eReading, and more

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 1, 2010

We have heard the jokes that the new Apple iPad is just a BIG iPod Touch, but is this really true? Pocket-lint decided to take a detailed look at the new iPad vs. iPod Touch, and compare them in a number of ways that includes video playback, eReading, and gaming.

Is a tablet really what you’re after? This will be different for every buyer, and what you want to achieve from the device will help give you the correct answer. In many areas like gaming, the iPad only benefits from a bigger screen and processor power but this is a real benefit for movie watching.

Both the iPod Touch and iPad lack a much-needed camera for imaging, which is a shame as this seemed a must-have for the new Apple iPad but sadly lacked it. Head over to Pocket-Lint to read their full Apple comparison, and decide yourself on the differences between the iPod Touch and iPad.

Is the new iPad just an “iPod touch XL” or does it have real benefits over the current iPod Touch? Feel free to leave your conclusions in the comments.

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  • Cher

    I read that the apps on the I-Pad are 9.99. They are only .99 on the I-Pod Touch. I saw one report where the guy is now buying the I-Pod Touch to supplement his I-Pad b/c he doesn't want to pay more for the apps. I am in the decision process – I-Pad v. I-Pod. All of your comments are helpful.

    • Gloria

      Jailbreak. saving $10 dollars an app.

  • Chris

    why dont you guys all go the an apple store and test out the ipad and see if you like it?

  • paupau

    i just bought one though,, and yes its a big ipod touch,, but heres the thing,,,, lets compare to a smal house and a large house,, isnt it beter if you pick the large house,,,,, the bigger the better right,, yah let say you guys dont want the ipad because its just a big replica of an ipod touch,, but hey,,, look at those person buying it they are havinf fun,,, i guess??

  • Xavier

    The ipad now is very basic as with all apple products, if you remember back to when the Itouch came out you guys said basically the same ting but now with more and more update the Itouvh is amazing wait 6 monts or so and then you will see

  • Skyji

    I dont know if I should buy it or not, can u help me plz…

    • Hey Im in the same position, my dad said hell buy me one for my next b'day…10th BTW…

      • Karee

        10th wow. he said one for my 13th. i can choose from iphone or ipad. idk.

        • Wacko

          I’ll get one iPad for my 14th and sell my iPod touch (btw I’m writing this from my nasty old iPod touch.

  • ufo888

    I would think iPad is a tablet instead of PocketPC. They are targeting different users and purposes. They cannot replace with each other. Can you imagine if you surf on internet on coffee shop or library using ipod touch for few hours straight? From hardware point of view, it has faster processor and bigger better screen. It could make a huge difference to ipod touch.

  • cp15

    but the ipad has other new things such as iwork which you cant get on an ipad and honestly id rather have the ipad because it has the multi-touch display and some other new things although if your getting 1 id wait until they apple comes out with an updated version with all the glitches worked out of it, i do agree though an ipad would be a pain to carry around whereas the itouch is sooo much more portable

    • Oregoncrete

      All iPhones and itouches have multitouch. They’re trying to market this as new technology. Apple produced an even lamer idea in the ipad than they did with MacBook Air. But at least the ipad too can fit in a manila envelope right!? Ipad is a bulky itouch that needs the better processor to compensate for the screen size. Gaming wise the majority of games are made for the iPhone because people actually like the iPhone so the ipad gets lame ports, and bad resolutions for the most part. Right now it’s just an overpriced netbook with half the capabilities, games, and processing. Epic fail.

  • ertryh

    and the scren for the ipad will be easy to brake i mean its easy to hold a ipod but that big of a screen inless u place it on your lap its going to be a pain to hold

  • bob

    i really do think that the ipad is a big itouch their are very small differences between them and itouch and itouch 16g is 200 dollars less then the ipad and you can put it in your pocket so it is way more portable so if i were going to pick between them i would pick the 16 itouch and save 200 dollars and still i have every the ipad has just not as a bigger touch screen

    • bub

      your right it is stupid to pay more for a bigger screen. it would be almost impossible to carry the ipad around.