Steve Jobs: New iPhone in 2010, New Macs, iPad, Adobe Flash support

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 31, 2010

When we watched Steve Jobs at the Apple event this week we were both impressed and shocked, unlike some technology sites we loved the new Apple iPad but we were shocked to hear Apple’s continued dedication to AT&T. Opening up the new iPhone in 2010 to Verizon Wireless may still happen, but became more unlikely when Apple announced their future with AT&T but not a whisper about “Verizon”.

Wired reported some news yesterday about a meeting that followed the day or two after the iPad announced. In this meeting between CEO Steve Jobs and employees he made himself available for questions, and handled some really interesting questions with even more interesting answers.

Steve Jobs confirmed the phone competition between Apple and Google, and replied with some really strong words. According to Wired, Steve even got a roar from the crowd when he used the big BULL**** word over the “don’t be evil” mantra.

Steve confirmed that Apple has no plans to support Adobe Flash in Apple’s future products; he said that the world is moving to HTML5 and no one will be using Flash. Did you want to see more Flash support?

View the article on to read more about this, new Macs, the iPad, Blu-ray support, and a 2010 iPhone.

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  • UsCellCustomer

    Verizon suck big weiners……. and that's all I have to say about that!

  • today i heard a funny joke
    I was talking to a friend today and he said "iphone" and i laughed and agreed "wow that is a joke!"

  • Phil

    For those people who have had bad reception with AT&T for the past 7 years. I have had about 6 different phones before getting the iphone. The reception has a lot to do with the phone and not just the network. I have had 2 phones that had horrible reception and 3 that had great reception. Don't listen to these Verizon lovers, AT&T has the best coverage and the best phone. Everytime I'm in an area where there is low cell reception my friends on Verizon have zero bars and I have all 5 of mine. Verizon people are ignorant and have some kind of issue where they can't accept that there are better services out there. Also Verizon has the dreaded lost text feature where most verizon customers don't receive all of the texts people send them.

  • It really depends on where you are located when it comes to getting the best service. I have heard that it is better to go with Verizon if you live in the eastern United States because the service is better. I have had a contract with AT&T since 2002 and have never had a problem with AT&T. I've had nothing but great customer experiences with them as well. You also have to remember that some phones are better than others when it comes to reception. I had an HTC phone for 2 years and the reception was horrible. Every call I had dropped and when I got another HTC phone I still had the same problems. When I lived in an apartment I could not make any phone calls inside. In fact, nobody could, even people with Verizon, except for my roommate who had AT&T. It was because of her phone that she was able to talk inside the apartment. I have the iPhone and have not had any problems with dropped calls or clarity at all.

  • John Brown

    The iphone will never go to verizon or any other carrier for that matter. Sure apple wants to make more money, but they wont cause Att supports multy tasking. Unlike verizon, sprint and tmobile. Also att has the fastest data speeds which the iphone relies on. Which also 3g for verizon is like att 2g which doesnt even exist anymore and 2g coverage is actually slower than dial up. It would actually take you three days to download a iphone app on verizon. So in another wards they might sell more by having it opened to other networks, but customers will just return them cause they cant use even half the iphones features cause they will just crash on other networks. Also whoever said verizons lte service will be up by the end of 2010. No it wont they have announced it wont be ready till 2012 and it still only supports cdma witch is pathetic. This was proven that it wont happen cause apple just sign another contract with att, and I know these things as a RadioShack employee.

    • What kind of crack are you smoking? Sprint doesn't support multitasking? Multitasking has nothing to do with the carrier. It has to do with the equipment. Every phone I have had supported multitasking. The iphone is the only phone that doesn't support it yet. The iphone is way behind in capabilities and always has been. Only because Jobs wants it that way so he can keep you interested by giving you a little at a time like a drug addict. I'm with sprint and have been for 10 years. You guys keep on arguing about who's 3g is better. When you get to 4g let me know.

  • I live in New Jersey. Verizon seems to be the carrier of choice. I wish I could switch to ATT and get the Iphone.

    Will someone share there experience with switching from Verizon to ATT. Thanks.

  • Indee

    I had an iphone on At&t and never had any signal problems except when I went to the West Coast for a few weeks, it was pretty bad for coverage and it lived on the edge network.

    I made the switch to Verizon for the DROID and they gave me a price which was equal to my At&t plan even counting the 20% discount I had with At&t.

    Verizon service sometimes shows low bars at times but internet and calls work perfect.

    Just looking at the phone quality I have no regrets for switching for when you compare the iphone against the DROID, it's like comparing a Harvard and Yale graduate (DROID) to the kid who chews on his sleeve and rides the short bus to school (iphone).

    If you don't believe me it is because you have not owned both and you can't possibly understand. If you don't like the DROID then enjoy chewing on your sleeve. I can't speak for the Nexus One and Palm or Crapberry isn't even in the running. Period.

  • Matt Buell

    Personally, if Steve Jobs wants to make money off the new iPhone and be in the smartphone sportlight…he should make the iPhone open to all carriers. This way no one will want to turn to another option such as a blackberry or something.

  • Jorge

    I have to disagree with everyone. I use to have Verizon for 5 yrs and I never had a problem. Until I moved closer to the ocean then I wouldn’t get signal at all, which is why I went to At&t. I notice where I live At&t has the best coverage. Carriers all depends on where you are. I literally live in Forrest and get signal with At&t, nothing but trees and deers where I live. I had Verizon for so long and didn’t want to give up with them but there was no point on spending money each month and not getting any service on my Phone.

    btw When this Iphone 4g comes out I will be purchasing it.
    I currently have a HTC Tilt with Android on it and I am not impressed with it sure it’s good but I perfer apple instead.. Only geeks want android with open source to mod them.

  • Kev

    If anyone has issues with the iPhone or AT&T's coverage, why are you still with them? All wireless carriers have a return policy and if you are not getting what you pay for, why are you still paying for it? If you had 15 or 30 days to return the equipment and cancel your contract to go with another carrier due to coverage issues, why didn't you do it? It's the consumer's fault that if they are not getting what they pay for to act upon it and make it right for themselves. So please don't say that the iPhone is garbage (Apple will replace a defective model for up to a year and Best Buy has an insurance plan) or that AT&T coverage is not meeting your expectations. You had the time and opportunity to discontinue service within your grace period at the start of your contract. Nuff' said.

  • NeS

    Im hoping that the iPhone goes to Verizon. I switched over to AT&T from Verizon just for the iPhone, and in my area the service quality difference was huge! On Verizon I would hardly ever get a dropped call or no service. On AT&T I get "no service" and dropped calls daily. Im really crossing my fingers for the iPhone to go to Verison since my AT&T contract just expired.

  • I have to say that I have AT&T, I have had Sprint and T-Mobile and a good friend has Verizon and I have a 3g card for laptop (it never gets signal except in big cities). I have to say that so far I HAVE NOT found a place the my iPhone would not work. In my area around my home only two carriers work AT&T and Sprint all others NO SIGNAL. I travel to Many rural areas and still can call out may be EDGE but my phone works. My Verizon friend and my Verizon card never have a signal in these rural areas. Sprint is the second best in my area. So It all depends on where you live and Travel and Sprint and Verizon don’t wok well overseas I found out. Almost all countries that I have been to are 3g or better NO CDMA, and some of them are 3rd world.

  • Mike

    I would love to see the iPhone come over to sprint. I have had AT&T and tossed the phone out the window, Verizon I had to many dropped calls and bad customer service, went to Sprint because i traveled a lot and needed a reliable phone. I have had the best experience with Sprint, my phone works 99.5% of the time, get signal where my friends don’t with Verizon or AT&T.

  • Kevin

    I was in verizon before and it has its strong points and it weak points. to be honest what i hates the most about verizon is that they charged you for everything. you can’t do anything to the phones because they have their own software inside.

    I love at&t not only because i have an iphone, but because u can purchase an unlock phone and do as you please with it and u don’t have to worry about dealing with their software on their phones. i love AT&T and i will probly stay with them for a long time. because their Customer service is great they actually seem to care about me even if their lying they do a good job at faking it making me feel like i matter and not another number. Also you get rolled over minutes.

    • Rodney

      In response to your statement about changing Verizon phones. Verizon has changed a lot with there new line of Google phones. And yes you can hack the Google phones to your liking. As far as reception Verizon has the best. When I had at&t I could not get a signal in my house.

  • Brian

    I agree that there for now, there is NO VERIZON IPHONE. I also agree that i too am tired of the “will they, won’t they” thing going on, its really simple. If you want the phone, you must get the service that goes with it. If you do not like the service, that’s fine…go to another network. All this going on and on about the Iphone on crappy Verizon is laughable. Look, it’s really true that Verizon’s customer service is the bottom of the barrel. I worked for the company, and they treat the reps even worse, and we were always told by our managers that we were getting the Iphone. We never did. One more thing, when Verizon goes to its new LTE service, many will cry that the Iphone will work and be so happy. Ok, think about it, it will be a new service, NOT CDMA. You can rest your head that many will be saying can you hear me now cause they will have alot of bugs to work out. I know this as i used to work for Cingular prior to it going GSM. Customers woke up one day and literally had no service, and they charged customers full price for a GSM phone to use. With that said, has Verizon ever struck anyone that they’d cut’em a break on phone pricing, less its an obsolete phone? No. So while one day it will come to them, it isn’t anytime soon, and when it does….wait some more cause you’ll wind up spending less, the bugs in the new network will be worked out, and YOU the paying customer will be alot happier.

  • zack

    oh god here we go again….
    why does it take to you people that there will be NO VERIZON IPHONE EVER… EVEN STEVE JOBS DEFENDED AT&T
    what does that tell you.. no verizon iphone..
    verizons network is horrible.. CDMA is so old and outdated that it couldnt even support the iphone traffic….

    when im 18 which im 17 right now.. im switching to at&t had enought with verizon

    • ….and then when you’re 18 1/2 and only 6 months in to your 2-year ball-and-chain with AT&T, you’ll be BEGGING to go back to that “ancient” technology when you can’t get a signal in the middle of a highly populated area because there are too many trees in the way or because the AT&T network is so overloaded that it can’t handle a call.

      Believe me kid, I’ve been with every cell phone provider under the sun over the past 13 years and Verizon offers the best service of all of them.

      • Sascha

        Not true support AT&T a true American company where workers are being paid good wages while Verizon sends american jobs to india, plus their service sucks!!!!!!
        Verizon uses old technology and that is exactly why iPhone is with AT&T.

        • Shawn

          Verizon technology is old. But AT&T customer service sucks!

      • agreed

        Agreed. CDMA is an outdated technology. I never have any issues with At&T aside form my 3g switching to edge ON occasion in a rural area, which doesnt bother me seeing as edge is about as fast as verizons “claimed” 3g speeds in most areas. Fact is, verizon is touting these “maps” of how horrible att coverage is when in fact, at&t has more total covered area then verizon, adn GSM can handle far more traffic then code division multiple access outdated technology. Try googling what the majority of the world uses for cell phone standard, you will not find it to be CDMA. And in reply to the 2 year att ball and chain contract, if I recall, verizon does the same thing and actually had until recent equal if not WORSE pricing then At&T, not to mention they nickel and dime you for everything they can. Please do your research. “its better to appear stupid then to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

      • Karen

        I have to disagree with you. We have been on: Cingular, Sprint, US Cellular, AT&T & Verizon. Verizon was the WORST service every. I live in the City and could not get a signal on Verizon in my home – had to outside on my patio. I have Iphone now & absolutely love it!! Have not had any trouble with service at at all.

      • Jay

        U have no idea what u r writing about. I had verizon for 2 years and I could not even get a signal in my house. I know what ur gonna say too. I live in the middle of Miami so if it want pick up there they suck.

      • Thomas

        I have been an AT&T and love it and would never change. I have always had the best service with AT&T.

    • Dave

      Zack, good luck with AT&T. Yes they’re a GSM network, but the call quality is awful compared to Verizon, and dropped calls happen all the time. With Verizon I travel back and forth from Detroit, MI to Peoria, IL every week and very seldom lose my data connection (streaming public radio stations continuously) and almost never have a dropped call, even when “in the middle of nowhere” between Chicago and Peoria. My experience with both AT&T and Sprint (also CDMA) has been awful, sometimes not able to place a call just because I’m inside a building, no more than 10 feet from the nearest large window.