PS3’s MAG: Should you be made to wear a headset?

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 1, 2010

MAG on the PS3 is an amazing MMO shooter that was just released in the last week in both North America and the UK. The game first hit the headlines for it’s amazing 256 player online gaming, which has been designed to fit players into 8-player squads and then platoons made up of 4 squads with 4 platoons making a company.

One incentive for players is becoming a squad leader, but to do this you have to first advance through MAG’s ranking system. Today we saw an interesting post on the gaming site N4G, which had come from a site called Platform Nation and stated “Headsets Required for MAG February 10th”.

Since then we have seen the article removed from Platform Nation and set to pending on N4G after it achieved a score of over 940. This makes the credibility of this article very weak, but it still raised a good point. The over 200 comments on N4G also showed that gamers were interested in the idea of compulsory MAG headsets.

So while it may not be true that Zipper Interactive will want all players of MAG to have headsets to play the game, it may be a good idea for those in leadership positions. Commenter’s on N4G welcomed this idea; do you think it’s a good idea to make those in a leadership position wear a headset?

Vote in the poll below, and answer the question: Should you be made to wear a headset? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • adrielmartinez

    the reason sony doesnt give you a headset with the ps3 is that headsets are too much money. but i found a headset at best buy for an amazing $19!

  • Rob

    Allow the user to choose headset only matches. The rest can play without. Possibly those without will go buy one and join the headset gang.

    • Transfer6000

      Yes you should be made to use a headset, I play MAG and several other online games, and firmly believe if you’re going to play any game that requires teamwork you must have a headset…which brings up my next question, why doesn’t sony package a headset with the ps3?