Amazon Pulls Titles: Apple’s new iPad vs. Kindle e-book reader

Nearly everyone expected some sort of Apple Tablet to be announced this week, and that it should be able to compete in the eBook business. This is just what happened with Apple’s unveiling of the new iPad that will be a direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader.

Before the same week has even ended the battle has started, today we see the headlines “Amazon Pulls Titles” from Macmillan US, which is over new e-book sale terms in the United States set by Macmillan. The iPad threat is very real to Amazon and their dominating presence in the US e-books market.

Chief executive John Sargent – Macmillan – has issued a statement that explains the new terms are based on an “agency model”. You can read more on this statement over on At the time of writing, we are not aware of any comment from Amazon about pulling Macmillan US titles or on the discussions.

Do you see the new iPad and Apple’s iBook Store as a real threat to Amazon and their Kindle? Could Apple be the biggest challenger to Amazon yet?

Some people fear that the row between Macmillan and Amazon could head to the UK, although this is just affecting the United States right now. Macmillan publishes some big titles in the UK, which include an Official Biography of the Queen Mother and children’s bestseller “The Gruffalo”. Read more on this at the Daily Mail.



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