Toyota 2010 Recall: Europe/UK models list and production periods

The latest recall in the U.S. and Canada for certain Toyota models has now spread to Europe/UK. This is certainly not a great start to 2010 for the Japanese automaker, which have been forced to suspend the sales of 8 new models.

The Financial Times reports that the reason for the recall is due to a faulty accelerator pedal, with some sticking down or coming up slowly. This has had a serious effect on Toyota’s shares and has also damaged the reputation of the company. Some of the eight models to be recalled include the Auris, Aygo, Avensis and the Corolla.

This latest recall is already on top of the 2.3 million Toyota vehicles recalled due to another gas pedal problem, as they would often stick to the floor mats. That issue was solved, but this is a separate problem, the Japanese automaker already has a remedy for the problem and is now contacting dealers and customers on how they can fix it.

Toyota has said that they have not had any reports of incidents in Europe and the UK. There are no plans to suspend sales in this region as they have done in the U.S. and Canada.

What is Toyota’s pain is Ford and General Motors gain, we recently reported that Ford and GM have reported stronger sales since this latest round of recalls. Toyota needs to solve the issue and quick, otherwise we will see Ford become the number one car seller in the U.S.



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