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New iPhone 4G: Apple to stick with AT&T not Verizon

The recent unveiling of the new Apple iPad opened our eyes to a number of things, but the one that stood out was how the company decided to stick with AT&T. This tells us a great deal about the new iPhone 4G and that the Apple will still favor the current cell phone carrier and not open up to Verizon.

The Apple Event was good in some ways but it mostly disappointed, as did the iPad device itself. We had expected a host of announcements from Steve Jobs but what we got was a new device and a couple of new launches that helps to compliment the tablet.

We had hoped for news on the new iPhone 4G, iPhone OS 4.0 and even a deal that Apple were going to end its exclusivity with AT&T and allow Verizon customers the chance to own the best selling smartphone. I just feel that Apple came up a bit short and let us down?

It is no secret that AT&T customers have not been happy over the years; they have been annoyed at the lack of 3G coverage along with dropped calls. The cell phone carrier has promised to improve its network; we recently reported that if AT&T wanted to catch up to Verizon, then they would need to spend at least $5 billion.

We know that U.S. consumers want a Verizon iPhone and we are almost certain that it will happen, but not any time soon.



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