New iPhone 4G: Apple to stick with AT&T not Verizon

By Peter Chubb - Jan 30, 2010

The recent unveiling of the new Apple iPad opened our eyes to a number of things, but the one that stood out was how the company decided to stick with AT&T. This tells us a great deal about the new iPhone 4G and that the Apple will still favor the current cell phone carrier and not open up to Verizon.

The Apple Event was good in some ways but it mostly disappointed, as did the iPad device itself. We had expected a host of announcements from Steve Jobs but what we got was a new device and a couple of new launches that helps to compliment the tablet.

We had hoped for news on the new iPhone 4G, iPhone OS 4.0 and even a deal that Apple were going to end its exclusivity with AT&T and allow Verizon customers the chance to own the best selling smartphone. I just feel that Apple came up a bit short and let us down?

It is no secret that AT&T customers have not been happy over the years; they have been annoyed at the lack of 3G coverage along with dropped calls. The cell phone carrier has promised to improve its network; we recently reported that if AT&T wanted to catch up to Verizon, then they would need to spend at least $5 billion.

We know that U.S. consumers want a Verizon iPhone and we are almost certain that it will happen, but not any time soon.

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  • Mallom

    Apple is giving verizon some time so they can improve their network. They are being smart.

  • Carmina

    As a very loyal and very happy I phone and AT&T customer I think apple would be making a huge mistake giving a wonderful product like the I phone to verizon I have had the misfortune of the verizon so called great network for myself my mom offered to put me on her plan to save money well after the salesman told me I could not get my ringtones from phonezoo an myxter like I did on AT&T because they were in the business of making money I should have ran then but I tried them with there wonderful snail pace downloads and extra everthing. I ran back to AT&T and will never again leave I have had the best customer service and no problems with calls. So I hope apple who is also a great company sticks exclusively with AT&T.

  • mathew

    i just wanted to say a quick thing about what sucks about verizon and why they will never get the iphone have u ever noticed on the verizon phones how they have 2 different types of bars and have u ever noticed how at&ts commercials say that with them they cant talk and surf the web at the same time well look at it if u have signal with 1 of those 2 bars u can only do that 1 thing but if u have 1 bar on say at&t u can STILL talk and surf the web at the same time its how verizons sucky network is set up people there not better they still have problems themselves.

  • IPhone User

    Honestly .. I've been a customer of Cingular/AT&T consistently for the last 10 years.
    I really have no complaints about the service. I have had good phones and bad phones and usually pick up a two year contract. No biggie .. right ..? Well .. since AT&T has rolled in with their "new policies" .. things have changed drastically. If you pay for the entire phone upfront and get the nationwide plan with unlimited texting, internet, mms, etc. … and make your payments on time … you will be denied an upgrade because you will not be making AT&T any money. If you are not late on any payments, you will be labeled as ineligible. Usually, if you have your phone for 16 months … you used to be eligible for the next upgrade .. this has been in effect since the days of PacBell. No longer. If Verizon does, indeed, get the new iphone upgrade .. I will be the first in line to jump ship unless AT&T gets with the program and stops looking at how to shortchange their customers to make an extra few bucks.

  • ATT hater

    It is truly sad that Apple wont go to a better company.. and if they don’t then they clearly are not a company that cares about its consumers.. ATT has made huge financial mistakes with me in the past and never corrected the issue.. even sent me to collections, because of mistakes they made (setting up 2 lines at my house) and I was not going to pay for it..
    ATT is scared because if they lose the iPhone they will fall appart, and god help me, I hope they lose this contract for what they put me though…

    • Hatedumb ppl

      U r dumb ,, pay ur bill and u won't go to collections, they correct mistakes,, but not if ur responsible for it ,, idiot

  • Timothy Finkler

    If you surf the web and talk on your phone at the same time, you really do need to get a new life. I have an iPhone and it is the best phone hands down. I have never been compelled to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. Give me a break.

  • Timothy Finkler

    If you need to surf the web and talk on your phone at the same time, then you really do need to get a new life.

  • Pat

    I use AT&T personally and i work for verizon corporately. Billing policies, charges and rates are almost identical between the two companies, they have to be… so if you got screwed by AT&T, you probably would of gotten about the same thing from Verizon, and vice-versa. I get better service in my city with my At&T phone, if i drive an hour up the road to the next major city, it is completely reversed. The whole country is like that, nearly split down the middle. I have not heard anything but personally im confident apple will make A phone for the verizon network.

  • I have no problem with coverage where I live with Verizon. The only dropped call I’ve had is when I dropped my phone into water.

  • Moe

    I think both parties have pros and cons.. It’s just a matter of personal preference.. There are some obvious pointsthat have been made.. CDMAvs GSM.. Verizon has CDMA voice but the data portion I believe is evolving to LTE later if they have consumers wanting to talk and surf or data hog have u, will this cause a strain on the network? 2 different technologies @ the same time? Unless Verizon is gonna somehow pump a lot of funds into the lte infustructure.. I dont this will happen instantly as they have invested so much already into the 3 g technology ..besides that.. Just image how much juice it will need or bandwidth it will need for data and voice simutaneouly.. Moreover, the iPhone or any smartphone can but strain on any given network .. So if u have data calls goin on, and voicecalls goin on.. How much do u think they can handle if given the facts on CDMA..CDMA does have ts limits..and the lte infustucture is not gonna just be built over night where as it can match the current 3g coverage.. Not economically feasible.. Enough of my small talk.. Do the homework on both technologies.. It may just give u the answers u need and open up a new can of worms.. Or wip a… Lol..

  • John

    I have had service with both AT&T and Verizon over the last 5 years. I left AT&T when Apple had that stupid firmware update which wouldn’t allow it to bluetooth to anything but a headset and went to Verizon…. but recently, I have switched. Verizon is having SERIOUS issues merging Alltel towers into their network. AND if you drop into a 2G Verizon network you can seriously forget about ANY app working on your phone.

    Yes AT&T’s voice network does lack some when it comes to vzw, but seriously folks, the iPhone makes up for any short comings AT&T may have… and I don’t care if it’s AT&T, VZW or Sprint or whoever… we all drop calls… yes VZW call coverage as less gaps in coverage, but I don’t miss vzw as much as I thought I would… yes here and there… I do… but after years missing my iphone and using blackberries… which was like being stuck in a windows blue screen of death nightmare….

    Now everyone seems to forget that the iPhone works for free in AT&T wi fi hotspots to all over the country…

    so no one is better.. they just each have their pros and cons…

  • weezo2000

    Apple will not leave AT&T becuase they have the fastest data speeds in the nation FOR NOW ( until verizon decides to flick on the ” fast ” switch). Yes it is kinda sad becuase there are lots of verizon users ( like the most on this forum) that cry because they cant get there greasy paws on the iphone ( no offense but it is true) . I am a AT&T customer and i love them . i got over 500 roll over min i can use at any time . my coverage for where i mostly travel to is on point , and of course web browsing is a breeze . and yes this is all on my iphone 3g. like said somewhere above, every carrier has its strong points and weak points. i my self text alot and recieve alot of pictures 😉 . and yes i do alot of the ” web surfing and having the phone planted on your ear at the same time ” thing . its as easy as this. when good looking broad is having me go over her house for the night ? yea im not gonna look like a complete moron while on the phone with her asking for directions and getting my ass lost lol so i google map where her house is while macking her giggle on the phone . lol ive done it many ,many ,many times and it doesnt fail. my iphone has even saved my life a few times. and thanks to AT&T’s good coverage ( again in my area ) ive had emergency vehicles trace my iphone to where i am when in desperate help .OR when im on the phone and im meeting up with someone at a restaraunt ? . yea i map where it is and still able to talk to them. Or to do movie tickets, watever it maybe. Not everyone likes to do , nor do they wish for it . but at times it is helpful. i use my iphone for buisness , email , LOTS of texting , picture messaging . and as well AIM , myspace mobile , facebook etc.. so i use it for heavy data , and i always get people calling me while im doing so, .

    AT&T and the iphone has satisfied me in every way shape and form .

    will the iphone be better with verizon IF they were to get better data speeds? HELL YEA ! its just that for now AT&T are the ones who do so ,

    cheers !

  • Jay

    I know I am a little late to the party, but I am in a fairly unique position of having BOTH an AT&T Blackberry Bold(work issued phone) and a Verizon Droid Eris(personal phone). Also of interest is that I happen to live in a part of the country where both carriers have a 3G presence. For what it is worth, I am in a suburb of Philly and I can tell you that I cannot drive 30 minutes west, south or north and maintain my 3G coverage on the AT&T phone. Almost immediately after leaving my home area my BBerry switches to EDGE (2G) and the data coverage basically vanishes. This situation does not occur on my Verizon Eris. The bottom line here in my opinion of course is that AT&T has terrible voice (we ARE talking about phones here), terrible customer service, spotty at best data coverage and they lie in their commercials. Verizon is clearly capable of much more moving forward from a business perspective when you look at their voice coverage and infrastructure.

  • Mike

    i hop you guys know that apple went to verizon first before at&t at the start in 2007. verizon rejected it and now they are getting what they deserve. i want to see it on verizon. i hate att, their customer service is horrid, they are flat out rude and ignorant, they have too much hidden fees, and THERE 3G SUCKS. i switched to verizon a few weeks before the first gen iphone came out. i was so pissed the hell off at first but i made a good choice because i couldnt stand att anymore. switching was the best thing i have done. but was so pissed when verizon rejected iphone. now everyone wants it on verizon and i hop it gets here quick. my daughter who is 24 had the 3gs she loves it but she cant stand att at all. the reasons i stated is why she hates it. i told her not to go to at&t but she failed to listen to me once again. she has done that all through out her life. being a father is awesome, but when youre kids dont listen, they learn the hard wat. lmfao. stay on verizon until the announcement on iphone 4g. trust me

  • AT&T Customer

    OK, I am a IPhone AT&T customer, and the coverage does stink int he north east! I can’t wait till my contract is over, I am switching to Verizon!

    I have a ton of apps, I rarely use them anyways. It is all marketing jargon.

    Most fo the good apps are already available on Android, that is all you need!

  • Jeremy

    IPad on ATT only doesn’t tell us anything about the iphone 4g. Would Apple release a new product but tell people that if they wait 3 months they can have it on a different network? No. Apple would risk low initial iPad sales, and ATT could see a drop in iphone sails since people would assume that the iphone would also be available with another carrier in the near future. I’d bet that ATT has a some paperword that states that Apple cannot legally give advanced notice of products on other carriers for this very reason.

  • Grayson

    The reasoning behind this article is completely flawed. Nothing about the recent apple event had anything to do with verizon. It would be a different story if they had unveiled a new Iphone OS or a new Iphone and didn’t include verizon. However, this event was about the Ipad and the Ipad only. It would make no sense for them to talk about a verizon iphone so far away from the suspected release date of June 2010. Verizon would lose too much money if everyone were holding out for the iphone. Give it a couple months and another Apple event and we’ll see who says they are “sticking with AT&T”….

  • Tia


  • Tia

    Well i surely disagree with what the post has published. I am employed with AT&T i love the company all of my customer that i have ever serviced at ATT has never complained about the coverage. Also most of my customer are living in the SoutHeast region farming towns and city and NOT ONE COMPLAINT. I have also been employeed by another nationwide cellular company and its network has nothing on ATT. EVERY network has dead zone nobody has coverage everywhere. So that begin said i feel as tho ATT has the best 3G coverage. Verizon cant TALK SUF AND TEXT at the sametime ATT can.If Apple loses there mind and lets Verizon offer the Iphone. They the VERIZON customers will be very dissapponited so would i.I feel that each Service Provider has something that another one doesnt so with that said i hope and pray that verzion or ANY other serivce provider WILL GET THE IPHONE EXPECT AT&T!!!!

  • GN

    I find it comical how all the Iphone users and Verizon fanboys jump on the AT&T dropped calls.

    My Blackberrys (Bold & unlocked Storm) dont have any dropped calls or problems with data when on AT&T. After having the 3g and 3gs, I did experience the problems everyone complains about from time to time (in the NYC area). Once I made the switch back to blackberry, those issues in the same areas didnt really surface…

    • Know it alls

      Why the “fanboys” comment if calls are being dropped? Whatever phone you are using should be able to make and receive calls.

  • jim

    as much as i wood love to have the iphone with verizon it will never happen bcuz apple is too god damn greedy and verizon won’t let apple take control of their customers Anyone who is hopeful that it will happen is kidding themselves not to mention the cdma gsm problems

  • David

    will that be the real ihpone 4g?

  • francis

    why it cant be on tmobile

    • Paulo

      I hope that quadtion is a joke…not even Catherine Zeta-Jones naked on my bed with an iphone can sell me a plan on T-Mobile…i hear crap about them all the time.

  • John

    I think you guys are missing the whole point here. The only thing Apple wants to do is make more money. The only way they can do that is offer the iPhone to verizon and more customers. Bottom line is Profit!!!

  • neospore

    its still not set in stone the iphone can still come out for Verizon do give up hope just yet

  • Frank

    I switched to AT&T Nov. 2009 to get the iPhone since I use all Mac’s. I love the service and have not experienced the problems the complainers have. I have no need to get a Verizon iPhone if and whenit comes out. I use my iPhone in NJ/Pa.

    • Adam

      I agree. I have had AT&T for 6 years and never had a problem. I currently have an iPhone and have no complaints. I think the people that bash the service are verizion nuts who are envious of the iPhone. I see a problem with the iPhone going to verizon because they lock their phones from open end development sure the iPhone may not have that either but verizion is greedy when it comes to that. They want it their way. You have to go through their get it now application and can’t just access regular sites. People complain about the iPhone being closed but verizon is horrible about that. You have to use their navigation, their music player, their other apps. Atleast with the iPhone and AT&T you have a choice what you want to use.

  • asher

    I love AT&T everwhere i go and its only gotten better and better in the last 6 months where i live. I’m actually impressed by the rate of enhancement.

  • zack

    welp looks like alot of people will be switching to at&t 🙂
    its not a bad network. yeah i receieved bad 3g coverage.. but the service is great i always get full service when verizon has nothing.. i even have full service at a verizon tower while verizon has 3 bars…..
    what does that tell you?
    and i traveled up and down the east coast with at&t phone and a verizon phone
    and at&t is WAY better always gets service verizon lost service when i left the state.

  • Greg K

    Obviously if some of your ‘readers’ are expressing that they like AT&T and dont hate them as this article suggests then that is not a true statement. There are MANY technical aspects that play in the differences between the two and ultimately give advantages to both in certain ways.

    All of AT&T’s towers…cell sites…cables are double wired…meaning that there is a separate cable for data and voice. Verizon only has one of greater width and travels further.

    AT&T’s speed has been proven by outside agencies…this is something that Verizon does not deny or try to prove against.

    The best way to think about is this: if each carrier was a one way highway…then Verizon would be a three lane with a 70mph speed limit and AT&T would have 2 two lanes (one for trucks and the other for cars/cycles) with an 80mph speed limit.

    • Julia C

      Love the highway analogy. In my area (southwestern Virginia), that AT&T highway would be interrupted by dirt lanes with potholes in it. That’s the big difference in Verizon vs. AT&T here. I had Verizon for 11 years – loved the service, didn’t like the phones. I’m now with AT&T for the past year because I adore my iPhone and will put up with AT&T’s silly, spotty coverage and inability to notify me of voice mails because I love my iPhone that much.

      • Paulo

        i feel the same way about my iphone.

  • Scott

    Well for those of us who ONLY get verizon, since at&t refuses to sell us phones, getting the Iphone on the verizon network is a huge deal. My entire sub region cannot get at&t to sell to us.

  • I think it’s a decent device overall. It fits perfect for people that want a little more than a e-book reader.

  • Bill

    I do agree I’d rather have the iPhone continue being a GSM phone rather than a CDMA phone. iPhone sells well not just in the United States but the rest of the world too, where GSM is ubiquitous.

  • Randy

    I dont uderstand the venom between ATT and Verizon users? They are cell phone carriers not the Yankees and Mets. I live in a NYC suburb and have Verizon because ATT service sucks here. Was looking forward to some kind of news about an Iphone on Verizon but no such luck. Love to have my Itunes/apps on my phone.I would switch to ATT in a second if the service was better but the bottom line is I need a phone that works as a phone and receives email. “Matt” doesnt understand that a phone needs to send and receive calls. Most of the other stuff is just entertainment. I also would like to know why ATT,Verizon and Apple wont directly address their future plans for the Iphone?

    • Paulo

      You rright about Verizon being very well being the carrier choice in your area over AT&T. AT&T over here in south fl is strong and most people i know have the Iphone.

  • M

    I was eagerly waiting for the Verizon iPhone announcement as I need to get a new phone, really want an iPhone, but loathe AT&T (I was a former customer who is now with Verizon). AT&T is reviled by everyone I know with iPhones, especially those who, like me, live in large cities. Now, I just don’t know what to do for my next phone. I still want an iPhone, but I don’t want AT&T. Plus, Apple has, to put it bluntly, really pissed me off.

    Apple has already started opening up their carriers in Europe. To remain tethered to one network in the States, one that their customers abhor, makes absolutely no sense.

    And the iPad? Do they really think I’m going to want to sit and type on that thing? Not helpful. Who cares.

  • andrew

    apple is gay for staying with AT&T and not going with Verizon they would have made more Money and had less problems with the phone

  • Peter Chubb

    Hi, we are not biased towards Verizon. We are just expressing what our readers have been saying.

  • CT

    I cannot believe this. Apple could have had SERIOUS potential of reaping huge profits off of verizon. Another dissapointment from apple, looks like verizon customers will look toward android and window mobiles.
    And for the ipad, one of the most un-innovative things I have seen in my life. You can get an itouch and a mini netbook for the price of the cheapest ipads.

    • asher

      nobody looks to or forward to a windows phone at all. dont kid yourself. and verizon shouldnt kid its customers but thats all they can do because all they have are phones that arent iPhones.

      • Stephen P

        Nobody? Did you conduct a poll? Where are the results of this poll? Or are you just making an assumption? I guess you should take your own advise and not kid yourself. Verizon isn’t kidding its customers…that would be AT&T. Or have you not been paying attention to all the news stories about AT&Ts poor coverage? Or did you not see the posts from people who own the iPhone and can’t stand AT&T?

  • Matt

    Honestly, It’s starting to bug me how everyone is wanting the iPhone on Verizon… Even when writers like this one are clearly biased towards Verizon. I’m not an At&t customer, and I don’t have an iPhone, but I will say this. Verizon is not a superior network, and yes, At&t has it’s downfalls as well, but the fact remains that Verizon can’t handle the iPhone because the way their network actually works. No data at the same time as a call. It just doesn’t work. Verizon does have a great coverage map, but that map just means that Verizon has to spend a lot more money and time to actually make the network into 4g capable. Do they have the money? Yes they do, but they should have started investing in upgrading their network a long time ago instead of investing in making more cell sites. The fact remains that the iPhone is a smart phone, and a heavy data device. At&t is more geared towards data with their GSM network and Verizon is more geared towards voice. As long as Verizon continues to focus on their voice network, the iPhone will never show up on it’s doorstep. I know someone is going to say that Verizon’s data network is great, but the truth is, it really isn’t.

    • Freedom

      Matt –
      I don’t pimp a particular carrier myself, but you need to get your facts straight before posting. True, that Verizon has spent a lot of investment on a CDMA 3G voice network (as has AT&T), but the AT&T’s problems are a result that it has layered a 3G network on top of a 2G network. Meaning that in areas where they do not have 3G coverage, the user defaults to the 2G network which is why so many iPhone users are frustrated with crappy service and coverage. Verizon is deploying 4G LTE beginning this year. LTE is GSM compatible so essentially Verizon is already moving its network to GSM. In addition, the reason the Verizon network will be better than AT&T is that they will have a 4G network layered on top of a 3G network. Unless AT&T steps up to the plate and starts spending money on their network, they and iPhone users will continue to have problems.

      • Matt

        I totally agree with you here. In the future, Verizon’s overlay will be superior until At&t actually starts spending more money on their network. My post was simply stating that both carriers have their strong points and weak points. I completely agree with you about how At&t reverts to their 2g network when 3g is not available and when that happens, data and voice being transmitted simultaneously is no longer a strong point. I started writing that post knowing I was going to receive criticism for what I was saying, but I’m just stating that neither company is truly superior over the other 🙂

        • Jason

          Just to clear this up. On my HTC Imagio for Verizon, the other day I had the phone on speaker talking to my girlfriend while I was surfing the web. Just FYI not attacking you or anything, I’m just saying.

    • tom

      First I do not know where the notion that you can not make calls and use data at the same time came from because I do it all the time on my Droid. Second Verizon has been building out more sites and adding bandwidth at the same time. Verizon started a major upgrade project over a year ago to run fiber to the majority of its new and existing sites to increase reliability and bandwidth. Site capacity has been doubled and tripled in some cases in the last year and they are still adding more. Now the other thing is that besides watching movies I prefer my Droid over the Iphone or my sons Itouch. Maybe it is due to daddy Steve not having to approve everything on my phone or not having to deal with drm bs with all my songs and books.

    • Joe

      If you don’t have At&t or an iPhone then I don’t think you qualify to be pointing out the flaws of Verizon over At&t. The fact is, if you have an iPhone then your service is going to suck, for the most part; lots of dropped calls. Verizon data isn’t all that great, but who the hell needs to talk on the phone and use data at the same time? I mean, if an email comes in that’s one thing, but other than that, how are you going to surf with the phone stuck up against your ear?

      Verizon is much better at handling a call than At&t. Data services are a different thing all together (yes, At&t wins here). But as the device is a phone, I would rather have my voice service be better than my data service.

      • Matt

        Let’s not get aggressive here. Yes it’s true that I don’t have At&t or an iPhone, but I have had them before. As far as using data at the same time as talking, I honestly have probably only used that myself a couple times, but Apple wants that ability for their iPhone, that’s why I was stating that fact 🙂 Actually, what you said about how are you going to surf with the phone against your ear cracked me up! I agree, it’s just like I said above this though, it’s just what Apple wants.

        About me pointing out Verizon’s flaws over At&t’s, I never did. I just said that Verizon has focused on voice and not data, that’s all. I agree with you about Verizon handling a call better, and that’s pretty much exactly what I said when I stated that Verizon focused more on it’s voice network. I also agree with the fact that the device is a phone and that voice is more important, but the iPhone is a data heavy device and needs the better data support, like you stated being At&t.

      • Paulo

        Well in order to work data while being on the Iphone a smart person would put the call on speaker…of course you would not dare do this while your driving even though there are people that do it. Your wrong that if people have an iphone their service is going to suck. If it bothers people that much that have an iphone and they experience dropped calls, slow 3G then get another phone or service.

        Other than that i have an iphone and just like every hi-tech
        it will come with its bugs…deal with it

        just look at toyota

        • Paulo

          what i meant to say
          Other than that i have an iphone and just like every hi-tech device
          it will come with its bugs…deal with it

      • K

        “, how are you going to surf with the phone stuck up against your ear?”

        Bluetooth, much. Who holds the phone to their ear anymore? That’s like having a rotary dial phone with the cord that reaches all around the house.

    • Mike


      I am an AT&T customer with an iPhone and my 3G coverage SUCKS!! Whenever I pull up in my driveway, in the middle of the Las Vegas valley, my call is dropped and the person I’m talking to gets a noise similar to Optimus Prime turning into a Semi loudly in their ear for about 5 seconds. Then the call gets dropped. Most incoming calls never ring on my end at my house unless I turn 3G off. I would love to see Verizon get the iPhone, even if I never switch, just to get them scared enough to upgrade their service to a working level.

    • John Huston

      Hello, I am a Verizon customer and always will be. I switched to sprint a while back and didn’t like the coverage. I ended up coming back to Verizon. Let’s get this rumor straight. I can surf the web and talk on my phone at the same time on my verizon phone. It may be because I have a blackberry but I am still on the verizon network. All these rumors about not being able to surf the web while on the phone are absolutly false.

    • Chris

      personally, i had the iphone when it first came out with at&t and had no problem with it. i got great coverage all over the country, and no dropped calls (knock on wood). when i switched to verizon i got the blackberry storm, and to be honest, based on service (voice and data), at&t wins. with verizon it seems as though every three or so calls of mine are dropped, and it’s not like i live in the middle of nowhere, i live in las vegas. i was much more happy with the iPhone and would like to see the iPhone stay on the at&t network. i’m not calling out verizon, but i also heard that they keep pushing Apple to use VCast on the verizon iPhone as opposed to iTunes, if that’s true, then I don’t see a Verizon iPhone in a million years.

    • Jack

      -Matt, Who surfs the web and talks on the phone anyways? Also AT&T Blows coverage wise.