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Apple iPad: App for printing

When Steve Jobs announced that Apple’s new iPad would support most of the 140,000 iPhone apps, we knew it would not be long before developers announced that their applications would work on the new device. Pocket Watch Software has said that their ActivePrint 7.0 app will now add printing support to the new tablet device.

The current version of the app will run from the start on the Apple iPad, this means that you can use your printer to print of any document, photo or a webpage via Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge. This will certainly add one more feature to the new tablet device, and it sounds like it needs all the help that it can get, as a number of tech websites expressed their disappointment with Apple’s latest gadget.

Pocket Watch Software are already working on an update to its ActivePrint application, such as support for printing common office documents, these include presentations, spreadsheets and word processor documents.

We are told that it does not matter what printer you have, the app will support all makes and models. The software already allows for multiple copies, different quality of printing, print from photo album, black & White and much more.

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