Apple iPad: Our readers biggest dissapointments

By Jamie Pert - Jan 29, 2010

I must admit now it has been a couple of days since the Apple iPad announcement I can’t help feeling a little disappointed, there are plenty of pro’s and con’s but it seems as if some of the con’s far outweigh the pro’s.

Personally I feel that Apple have somewhat limited their appeal by not offering a few commonly used technologies, such as their being no USB port, this means you cannot easily connect to a printer/scanner etc, also backing up data to a pen drive is not an option.

Another technology which Apple chose not to offer was a form of HDMI-out, lets face it HDMI is not regarded as a new technology anymore, even budget laptops support HDMI-out, I find it odd that Apple completely overlooked HDMI and instead opted for VGA-out.

Lack of multitasking on an iPhone is just about acceptable due to it being a smartphone, however a cross-over product like the iPad in my opinion needs multitasking, if you are researching something using Safari you cannot at the same time write about it using a word processor.

There are a long list of disappointments, feel free to add your opinions in the comments section below, and fill out our poll below.

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  • Jaden

    Is it a good idea to get one for purely recreational use like movies, music, web and simple games.

  • Derek

    To heavy to hold in one hand for any length of time.
    Not good for reading in bright sunlight so is not really suitable as a portable ebook reader.
    Not able to rip their paid for DVDs and CDs.
    Will definitely need to take out an insurance policy against accidental damage and run down battery.

  • Vladimir

    No WiMAX:
    the new Intel’s module Evans Peak provide
    – WiMAX
    – WiFi
    – BT
    – GPS
    simultaneously !
    I don’t know why have been ignored this module
    (i.e.EvansPeak) in the iPad…
    Maybe anyone will explain me.

  • Well, my biggest disappointment is well, that you can’t draw on it. What good is a tablet if you can’t draw? I’d rather have my netbooks at a cheaper price. At least it allows you to play neopets lolol.

  • Mike B.

    I was so anxious for the release of the Ipad , only to be extremely dissapointed in finding out that Apple still doesn’t support flash. No USB port , are you kidding me ?? The bottom of the barrel cheapest laptop has USB ports.