Apple iPad Review: Pros and Cons

By Jamie Pert - Jan 29, 2010

Whenever a new device is launched there are a lot of pro’s and con’s associated with it, manufacturers just hope that the pro’s outweigh the cons. Therefore we thought that we would look at some of the pro’s and con’s that are associated with Apple’s iPad.

Chicago Now have just put together a list of some of the pro’s and con’s which they think the iPad will offer, you can check out their fully detailed article here.

The pro’s which I agree with include the fact that $499 is a pretty reasonable price to start at, I also agree that it is good that a data contract is not compulsory, I agree that the deal Apple are offering with their iWork apps is very reasonable. Finally I agree that it is a good decision that Apple made to opt for 802.11n WiFi rather than sticking with just 802.11g.

The con’s which Chigago Now have mentioned which I agree with include the choice of name for the device (in my opinion it is too similar to iPod), also I agree that multi-tasking would have made this device more desirable. Other things that I agree with include the fact that Apple do not yet offer Flash support on the device, finally as I mentioned before HDMI-out would have made the device much better in my opinion, the VGA out offered by one of the iPad’s accessories is OK, but having to use a separate cable for audio output really makes things messy.

Finally Chicago News talk about the fact that data-plans are only available from AT&T, I agree this is disappointing, however this argument deserves its own article, which I may post tomorrow.

Don’t forget to check out Chicago Now’s article for further details on all of the pro’s and con’s.

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  • For home, I think it makes more sense. For a mobile device, I'm not so sure. It would be cool to be able to buy a Bluetooth controller and play games that way. Of course, then you lose the ability to use the built in accelerometer.

  • Aydin

    Me too

  • jc

    Before I say anything about the iPad, I must start by saying.. I’m an Apple fan 100%, and I love all the products they have..

    About the iPad… Seriously the most disappointing piece of tech Apple ever came out with.. Why? Many of reasons.

    – Custom built in processor instead of an Intel, which makes any operative system you can install in a Mac or any Mac OS X applications completely incompatible with this device.
    – For now, only runs iPhone and iPod touch apps.
    – It will have new apps just made for it, but if you already payed for a copy of iWork, Microsoft Office, Adobe Studio or whatever, if you want an app like that for your iPad you will have to pay again for it instead of being able to install your own Mac OS X software. Not to mention that not all developers will make a version of your software for this device.
    – The storage capacity is really deficient
    – No USB ports, which means, no pen drives, no external hard drives, no external DVD. – The RAM memory is not upgradable.
    – As it was pointed out, no camera.
    – No multi-tasking which means, close your app to open the next one

    In other words, while you can acquire a 10 inches laptop for the same price, apple offers a huge iPhone/iPod touch. For this size people would expect to get a laptop that runs Mac OS X with its applications and not a custom OS. Personally for this price i rather get myself an iPhone.

    Sadly Apple failed with this product.

    • Jaze

      I totally agree with you jc…

      • Derek

        So do I