Apple iPad: Detailed Review from Cnet

By Jamie Pert - Jan 29, 2010

So far we have posted a few articles regarding Apple’s iPad, however a lot of these articles have just looked at the iPad’s specifications and critiqued them, however Cnet have recently put together a detailed review of the iPad which can be seen here.

Their article describes the iPad as a misfit, which is pretty fitting considering at the moment it is a unique device, however unique devices are what change the world, therefore the iPad may become a trend-setter.

Obviously the iPad is not a completely unique device as there have been previous tablets released, however in my opinion this is the first tablet which has been designed from the ground up, therefore its combination of software and hardware should result in the perfect tablet device.

Cnet seem pretty impressed with it overall, however they do state that many consumers feel that “it either needs to fit in a pocket or sit on a desk”, therefore in many senses it is a ‘living room computer’, check out their article for more information.

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