149-inch OLED Display: Unveiled by Mitsubishi

Up until now OLED displays have only really featured on portable devices (and some smaller monitors etc), however Mistubishi have recently unveiled a massive 149-inch display.

The OLED display was on display at ISE-2010 in Amsterdam, this display features a resolution of 1088 x 640 pixels with a 3mm pixel pitch.

This display is said to be much brighter than an average LCD as it features a light output of 1500cd/m2.

It is good to see manufacturers utilizing OLED technology to make such big displays, however pricing for a 149-inch display does not even bare thinking about.

As with all advances in technology things will become more affordable as time goes on, lets hope OLED displays start becoming affordable in late 2010, for more information regarding Motorola’s 149-inch OLED display check out SlashGear.



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