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Was Apple’s iPad a disappointment?

While doing the rounds on a few technology sites to see what they think about the new Apple iPad, it seems that the device is seen as a disappointment. Who would have thought that a device that has been ten years in the making is met with such disapproval?

The general consensus around the Web seems to be that Apple’s iPad is somewhat of a disappointment, with several major technology sites and commentators weighing in with their disapproval. Gizmodo and TechCrunch have both been talking about what sucks about the new tablet device.

The first problem is no multi-tasking, this is something that could make or break the device, and the Micro SIM is another feature that has not gone down well. TechCrunch are not happy that the iPad does not support Flash, but we have heard that Adobe is looking into this, read more about that on PC World.

While looking around the web it seems that people are not too happy about the name “iPad” there have been references to the “iTampon” amongst others. What name do you think Apple should have chosen for its latest device?

Gaming sites have said that current gaming apps will not work well with the larger screen, but did admit that the game apps specially made for the iPad show a lot of promise. It is not all bad about the new device, read our other articles on the Apple iPad here.



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