Was Apple’s iPad a disappointment?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 28, 2010

While doing the rounds on a few technology sites to see what they think about the new Apple iPad, it seems that the device is seen as a disappointment. Who would have thought that a device that has been ten years in the making is met with such disapproval?

The general consensus around the Web seems to be that Apple’s iPad is somewhat of a disappointment, with several major technology sites and commentators weighing in with their disapproval. Gizmodo and TechCrunch have both been talking about what sucks about the new tablet device.

The first problem is no multi-tasking, this is something that could make or break the device, and the Micro SIM is another feature that has not gone down well. TechCrunch are not happy that the iPad does not support Flash, but we have heard that Adobe is looking into this, read more about that on PC World.

While looking around the web it seems that people are not too happy about the name “iPad” there have been references to the “iTampon” amongst others. What name do you think Apple should have chosen for its latest device?

Gaming sites have said that current gaming apps will not work well with the larger screen, but did admit that the game apps specially made for the iPad show a lot of promise. It is not all bad about the new device, read our other articles on the Apple iPad here.

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  • apple lover!

    I drive well over an hour to school.
    i bring my mac book, ipod touch (first generation and still works great) and cell phone that amounts to about 8 pounds of technology + textbooks, notebooks etc.
    I am pretty sure that with all the new apps such as pages and key note I would much prefer that to my macbook which weighs more and has a shorter battery life. bonus since i sometimes carpool i can do research on the Ipad and not on my macbook. which should i bring to school? hmm thats tough ipad duh! oh and i really don't think the itampon jokes are necessary really guys come on were not in 5th grade it isn't funny any more..

  • warmonger

    fight! fight! fight!

  • jack

    These people are real downers and probobly only say these things because they don’t have a ipod. They learn about it through their desktop. So they cannot really know how it is I love my ipad it is amazing great for gaming crisp movies and a enjoyable e reader.

    P.s you can turn the brightness wayyyyy down just so you know kindle people.

    P.s.s this was submitted on a ipad

  • Jjarpt

    The first thing Jobs said when he introduced the iPad was that it was not an iPhone or laptop. It's something else. Everyone weighing in that it's something else and trying to come off as informative or critical are late to the game.
    We've purchased 6 of these for family members and everyone loves them for different reasons. Age ranges from 7-68. It is easy to use. It is a superlative eReader. It is great surfing the Internet. Aside from flash, which is not that big a deal. Easy to use the productivity suite. Connection to the Internet is easy. The native apps are easy to use. The battery life is amazing. Kindle, Nook and Sony eReader are dead in the water.
    The magazine apps are phenomenal. Anyone who travels is going to love this thing.
    Once the new OS comes out in a few months, it will be that much better!

  • Disgusted

    You don't get the talk of it being a disappointment?

    Let's see… What can it do?
    MP3 player? Try jogging with it.
    Games? I like "real" games. I'll stick to my consoles and my computer, thanks.
    Laptop? Everyone admits the iPad is not a good laptop replacement, nor was it designed to be.
    Mobile movie viewer? Not enough memory. No 3G yet, means streaming on the go is out. No optical drive. Pass
    Ebook reader? Epic fail. Try reading a tech manual for six hours on a backlit screen. As for the guy who mentioned reading in the dark, get a light. there's a reason you don't read in the dark. It kills your eyes. So, even if I was interested in an iPad for something else, I'd still need a "real" ebook reader.

    Essentially, the iPad does lots of things that other gadgets already do and nothing unique. It adds one more gadget to my already stuffed bag without letting me leave any of the ones I already own behind.

    I'd say all of that adds up to the very definition of disappointment.

  • Terry

    I love my IPAD! Steve Jobs does it again. I had to laugh while reading the early negative comments about this device. This is a niche that needed to be filled and Apple did a great job in designing it.

  • Lizzy

    I love it I dont know what all the talk about t being a dissapontment is because as far as I can tell it is amazing

  • Nana Quofi

    I think the ipad will improve over time, its on its "Guinea Pig" stage of testing, so I'm observing the changes that'll come to the later versions…there will surely be a 2.0, 3G etc etc.
    It looks attractive and screaming buy me, but if you have the will power to wait, this bloody ipad will be worth the wait. So wait if you wanna get your monies worth

    • Lee Adderson

      I think you've hit the nail on the head. Wait, we already seem changing int the ipad. Now you can buy one that has WYFI capabilities. What about people who already purchase one and don't have that capability? Waiting is the best logic. The price will fall soon. Waiting is the the wises choice. What about th Kindle, or the Nook, orReader Daily Edition, or the Que?

  • Demon

    The upcoming 3G + Wi-Fi model seems a little bit on the pricey side, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. A lot easier to use than a laptop, more convenient and a no contract unlimited 3G access for just $29.99/month. Pretty awesome if you have the money burning a hole in your pocket.

    • Lee Adderson

      The ipad does not have the convenients of placing it in your shirt pocket like the iphone does. The ipad seems to be a extended itouch. I just don't get the point as to why it was made. It seems to be competing with Apples itouch. I owned a itouch and latter sold it because the building I was working in finally cut me off from wifi loading. I was told to buy a iphoe then the building could not stop me because iphone get their frequency from the tower. Is this true?

  • Andy

    What is all the negativity about? He iPad was never meant to be a full fledged laptop replacement. I love mine and my only real complaint is that it seems to be taking a while for developers of some of my most used iPhone apps seem to be taking there sweet time developing iPad versions. Haters, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Wait for the slate and switch to windows.

  • max

    once 4.0 comes out it will be better …deep breath people if you dont like it dont buy it

  • Sam

    if you have an iphone and a laptop why do you need it.

    • Lee Adderson

      I guess the agument Sam would be you can't read books comforably with your iphne, and I don't think you can read a full, complete book on your lap top. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • Allan

    I cant decide… I cant decide… I cant decide. But I do want a touch screen tablet. Oh… and yes… I do hate yhe name!

  • Garry

    I'm always amazed when I see people complain on these postings ! It's so simple , if you don't like it , don't buy it cause it's not for everyone . Personally I think it's pretty amazing. It's not a laptop so don't expect it to do the same things . For the people saying they can do the same thing on the iPhone! Well yes but you are paying for it every month with bad AT&T service lol. I think it's fantastic

    • koolaid4fanboyz

      You know what amazes me? That apple fanboys and trendy hipsters defend all things Crapple! Seriously these are all valid reasons why the ipad sucks! I'm sorry we don't agree with you! Why is it not ok to point out the valid failures of this over hyped product? Sorry not everyone likes the taste of Steve Job’s n**s!

      There is nothing "amazing" about this or any other apple product. Just because apple over charges for under featured product doesn't make it special or innovative! They just have better marketing team. SERIOUSLY THE ONLY REASON YOU WANT ONE IS BECAUSE APPLE TELLS YOU: I NEED ONE AND I WANT TO BE A TRENDY D#$%hebag!

    • sam

      I think you have to pay for your 3G connection as well. I dont think you can pic 3G signal like wifi without paying for it.

    • Lee Adderson

      Garry, I disagree so complaints are valid and informative. Informative in several ways. First I didn't know that the Kindle did not have lighting features. This means you cannot read books in the dark.

  • Kathy

    I have a Kindle, and love it. There is NO Charge for the wireless (whispernet) access, whereas ATT wants $30/month. It is not a back-lighted screen, which is what I NEED to read outside–like at the beach!

  • Shrirang Khare

    Go with Notion Ink's ADAM then…

    •10 inch transflective LCD
    •180 degree Swivel Camera
    •Dual-Core ARM® CORTEX
    -A9 MPCORE™ Processor
    •Full High Definition Multimedia
    •Longer Battery Life
    •Dual Display
    •Ebook Client
    •3G and WiFi Connectivity
    •Multi-touch Support

  • Scott

    My wife bought me one for my birthday (the big 40).

    The way I looked at it, I wanted a Kindle, but for an extra $100 I could have the ipad that can read books in the dark (the kindle can't) (and I can not read books on my iphone you have to turn about 2000 pages) I want to wake up and have the NY times downloaded and start to read, then continue on the train on my way to work (did you ever try to flip through a NY Times or WSJ newspaper on the train to manhattan during rush hour?? It's a pain)

    I have the option of buying books from the apple or kindle books (using the kindle app) so i can buy which ever is cheaper.

    Plus I can surf the web, replace my paper franklin cover organizer, watch movies, play games.

    So I predominately wanted it as a book/newspapaer reader but when comparing to the kindle it does so much more for a few extra bucks.

    I'm not comparing it to a laptop or a phone, I bought it as an ebook reader +

    Plus I'm sure the apps designed for the ipad will be better than an iphone app on an ipad.

    Although I hate the name, I will admit it.

    • I have owned a Kindle for almost two years and love it! The benefit of a Kindle is, because of no backlighting, there is no eyestrain. I’ve tried reading books on an LCD screen and came away with horrible headaches due to eyestrain. Loose the backlight and loose the headaches.

      Yes, I need to use a book light in low lighting situations, but I would have to for a regular book anyway so that isn’t a deal-breaker for me. Plus, I can travel with dozens of books loaded on my Kindle and not weigh down my suitcase at all.

  • James

    Hey i am a college student and i think this is a great idea for classes and book keeping. I understand the disappointment of picture taking and multi-tasking but this product makes up for these errors with fast internet and Mobile access. I am looking forward for this product to come to stores and will be picking one up for myself. College student need to be aware of this produce in the future because of the many new apps and downloads.

    On the negative side of this product, apple fails to meet the ever needing disk-drive and usb port,also a camera would be a nice feature but nothing is perfect. For a person on version wireless, the iphone has always been the coolest thing in life, but with the many features of the ipad i do not see myself switching over to at and t just because of the iphone.

  • miguel

    I can do more with the iphone for less money,

    • Carmen

      Really? So you really would not recommend this? I was even in the process of purchasing one by the end of April when wifi+ is available.

  • BOB

    Is it like a computer, if it is who thought this up, because you'd be always looking down, it's completely pointless because you might as well have a computer if you can do way more on it.

    • Ethan

      but the ipad is $500 so its cheaper its faster to turn on and set up and its more portable and smaller then a computer

  • Carlos

    What this device needs, two cameras or one that turns front and back, bigger memory, video conferencing, and ipod classic has 160gb memory why can't the ipad, like karlo said usb and hdmi would be nice

    • phill

      it has SDHard drive so it can go faster. 160 sd hard drive costs alot.

  • shakil

    this product is a major let down. i cannot understand what would be the point of buying this thing? its a big ipod touch and in fact in some ways it is less than an iphone. iphone has few advantages, you can place it in your pocket, internet access without wifi and you can read kindle books.

    • Hal

      Who wants to read a book on an iPhone, the screen is way too small.

    • Lee Adderson


      You've hit it right on the head. You expressed so clearly. What's the point? It is nothing but a BIG itouch. iphone is so much more functional. I think Apple has made a huge boo boo!

  • Karlo

    crApple’s joking right, they’re going to unveil the real thing next week, right…..? Why is there no USB port, why can’t I connect it to my flat screen via HDMI, no flash support so why would I use this to surf the web? Just another Apple disappointment.

    • Ethan

      1. why do u need to hook it up to flat screen the ipads screen is already big enough but i could see for presintaions or to show pictures it would be a good idea put i dont think they put much thought into that idea 2. there could be alot of problems with the USB port like jailbreaking the ipad and they lose so much money from jailbroken ipods already 3. they might not have flash but they have youtube and really know adays thet have everything u need on youtube inless you want to go look up porn

      • phill

        they already jail breaked it 2 days after

    • Angel

      "Another Apple disappointment" what are you smoking??????? Pull your head out of your aZZ and get some fresh air.

  • Ramon

    Seems like Apple miss the mark on this gadget. I was expecting something better than my laptop. Camera and video recording capability might have helped yet missing much of what new phones and laptops had, iPad would have been better served by naming it iCaramba.

    • Ethan

      yes it would fix the problem of the people complaining about the name but its to big to be a carama and they should have put the carema on i think they might put one on the 2generation

  • Shawn

    Wow, this thing really sucks. If my iphone can do everything that my iTampon can do and my iTampon can not do many many things my mac book can do, what use could i possibly have for it?

    Also, closed smart phones worked in the past, but this model will not work going forward if consumers have choices between closed and open why wouldn’t they choose open?