New iPhone 4G / iPod Touch and 2010 Apple A4 CPU

By Peter Chubb - Jan 28, 2010

When Apple announced that they were to use their new ARM Cortex A8 CPUs in the 3GS and new iPod Touch, we are all amazed at how much faster it was. However, we were even more shocked when Apple introduced to us their new A4 chip in the iPad tablet device.

This has all got us exited about what is to come on the iPhone 4G and if Apple will make the new CPU available to the smartphone in 2010. It is no secret that Apple wanted to shy away from third-party suppliers and offer their own custom chips; well they have finally done it.

According to The iPhone Blog, they say that the reason for the 10-hour battery life on the new iPad is mostly due to the new A4 custom chip, just imagine what that would do for the battery life in the new iPhone and iPod Touch?

Little is known about the hardware of the iPad, but it does make you think of what the iPhone 4G will have. We are hoping that we will get at least 512MB of RAM, hopefully that new custom-built chip, up to 64GB of storage and the latest PowerVR SGX GPU.

We do wonder if we will actually see a 4th-generation iPhone in 2010, July would be the date of release but would Apple launch it so close to the launch of the iPad?

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  • hhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • baple the apple

    dont be hating on apple's

  • I think everybody has gone nutty Apple all ways has problems with something to do with the iphone Go for the HTC Desire it is one of the best smart phones I have ever used and guess what it never goes wrong when you think about you cannot even get widgets on the iphone multi task so stop wasting your money and buy the HTC Desire you will love it!!

  • Toto

    An iPod Touch isn't too expensive when you see that one great game costs not more than 5$ and a Wii, XBOX 360 or PS3 Game 50-60$ where you don't have more fun than an iPod Touch game. Also there are many many free games who are also very good. By other consoles there´s nothing free… (sorry for my bad englisch)

  • ipod man

    they are probbely not going to come out with a new ipod touch until christmas because of the ois4

  • Damg Wangi

    it`s going to measure 200cm x 400cm x 40cm

  • jasper

    How Much Is It Going To Be?

  • jasper

    How Much Is It Going To Be?

  • Hello, I have been following your blog for some time now and read most or your entries. Is there any way that I can subscribe so I get updates sent to my email? Regards

  • i leika dah ipod

    I want a snapdragon processor, my smartphone has it and i can run literally every app on it (like about 30 or so, i.e. opera browser, playing 5 3D games at once, instant messanger, gps, camera etc.) It runs 1 gHz or something, and like 400 gb ram, never had and lag or slow loading screen. I like the os 4.0 tho it looks alot like a jailbroken ipod. I hav a ipod 1st gen and i want an upgrade because 1st gen won’t get the 4.0 OS upgrade. If ipod touch 4G has a fast enough processor then i will upgrade cos of multitasking.

  • flashplz

    forget about the camera.. at least have Flash capability…. its even lame to not to have flash video capability in ipad… so unpractical

  • Mr Waiting

    come on Apple include the following….
    minimum of 200gb but even more storage is welcome
    support for a wider range of file formats both video and audio
    support for a wider range of kbps quality 320 is low!
    intergrated DAB tuner
    Camera photo/video
    intergrated TV tuner

    • K. B.

      OLED screen
      different back(the current on scratches too easy)
      and a way to find it if it's lost or stolen…… 🙁

    • Beely

      They won't do that yet people will still buy an iPhone/iPod/iPad.

  • Aloa

    When do you think will they publish the new iPod touch

  • Looks great, good one from product reviews, i keep following your site, coz i do blogging

  • DMac

    Come on Apple …. get your act together and release the new iPod Touch with a camera and internal microphone already … it’s been almost two years since there have been any REAL upgrades to the iPod Touch!

    Apple is far too focused on the iPad and losing ground to other companies starting to advance on the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

  • ehhh

    I wish I had an itouch 🙁
    They are too expensive . An 8gb itouch is like the cost of the wii/xbox360/ps3 . LOWER IT DOWN JUST BY ALOT PLZ . LIKE MAYBE 129.99$$ Or MAYBE JUST FURR FREE 🙂

    • strat

      your a dork you get what you pay for

      • bradely

        pertty please. phur phree.

      • reneeswifts

        New updates are now leaking the net about this one getting a speaker and more goodies. iPod Touch 4th Gen Updates

    • John

      guess wht the research tht hav gone into these systems is insane wiat til nxt one comes out it will most likelybe cheaper

    • Jhalil

      you can get a ipod touch for free from lockerz. Give me your email address and I'll invite you.

    • Tyler

      well they are really good systems and they can play games like call of duty and FIFA 10 so look at walmart there $30 cheaper

    • Meeeeeel.

      YEs, but that would lose money by making it Free, Duuuhhhh. They cant just make everything in the world free, it just dun work that way. if you really want an "ipod" You should save up for it, and not get one of those "Wii" 's or something. Also, wii's are like double the price of an 8G. Duuuuh.
      Also, it's a freaking ipod, Not an Itouch. xD.