New iPhone 4G / iPod Touch and 2010 Apple A4 CPU

When Apple announced that they were to use their new ARM Cortex A8 CPUs in the 3GS and new iPod Touch, we are all amazed at how much faster it was. However, we were even more shocked when Apple introduced to us their new A4 chip in the iPad tablet device.

This has all got us exited about what is to come on the iPhone 4G and if Apple will make the new CPU available to the smartphone in 2010. It is no secret that Apple wanted to shy away from third-party suppliers and offer their own custom chips; well they have finally done it.

According to The iPhone Blog, they say that the reason for the 10-hour battery life on the new iPad is mostly due to the new A4 custom chip, just imagine what that would do for the battery life in the new iPhone and iPod Touch?

Little is known about the hardware of the iPad, but it does make you think of what the iPhone 4G will have. We are hoping that we will get at least 512MB of RAM, hopefully that new custom-built chip, up to 64GB of storage and the latest PowerVR SGX GPU.

We do wonder if we will actually see a 4th-generation iPhone in 2010, July would be the date of release but would Apple launch it so close to the launch of the iPad?



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