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New Apple iPhone SDK Permits VoIP Calls on 3G

The new updated Apple iPhone SDK has something special hiding away inside, it will now permit VoIP calls not only through Wi-Fi like it has done but also over the 3G wireless network. iCall were the one who made the announcement first, which shows that Apple have had a change of heart.

The iPhone maker must have had a chat with AT&T, as both only allowed VoIP through a Wi-Fi connection. This is not exactly the news that we had hoped for; we wanted to hear about a new iPhone as well as the top selling smartphone going to Verizon.

According to Apple Insider AT&T did say back in October that it would allow for VoIP over 3G, it has taken almost four months but Apple finally made it possible. iCall is thought to be the first and only VoIP app available, and will work on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Apple Insider wonders if this decision has anything to do with the FCC applying pressure over net neutrality? We do not mind how this happened; let us just enjoy the fact that we will be able to use less of our minutes up on our calling plans.

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