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iPad Video Roundup: IPS display looks amazing

The Apple Tablet device has been ten years in the making and after months of rumors, yesterday saw the unveiling of the iPad. The new device has been getting some mixed feelings, with many technology websites showing their disappointment. Things are not as bad as they sound and you can get to see the device close up with a video roundup. One thing is certain, that IPS display looks amazing.

The iPad is like an iPod Touch on steroids, combined with an e-book reader. Cnet News was on hand at the Apple Press event yesterday, and they have a collection of videos looking at the mains aspects of the slim-slate device.

The first video is of Steve Jobs unveiling their new product, the iPad. We knew that the device was coming so was met with a small applause, but Jobs did not let that deter him and went on to explain just how great Apple’s new product was.

The second video looks at the browsing features of the iPad and how much easier it is than the iPhone or a MacBook. Websites are shown in full screen and are more interactive thanks to its multitouch features.

Watching movies on the iPad certainly looks amazing; you really need to watch the video to understand just how good it is. The same video will show you how the device gets its Movies and TV content direct from the iTunes Store.

Head over to Cnet News now where they have a complete video roundup of the Apple iPad Event.



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