GM Incentive for Toyota and Lexus Owners

Struggling U.S. carmaker GM is offering an incentive for Toyota and Lexus car owners, by giving them a month-long incentive program. General Motors has seen this as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the current recall situation with the Japanese automaker.

We recently informed you of the faulty accelerator pedal in a number of Toyota vehicles; as they can often stick or take its time to return to the normal position. A number of Toyota and Lexus owners have been calling GM dealers, for what reason we do not know, but they aim to capitalize on it.

Motor Trend learned from Automotive News that General would offer three incentives to Toyota and Lexus owners who wish to purchase a new GMC, Buick, Cadillac or Chevrolet. The U.S. automaker said that they will waiver up to $1000 in car payments, 0% finance for 60 months as well as offering $1000 of the sticker price.

In a funny twist to this story, there are 1400 2009-2010 Pontiac Vibes included in the recall, this is because the vehicle uses the same platform as the Toyota Matrix. GM is now waiting to hear from Toyota to see what the recall instructions will be for their GMC-Buick dealers.



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