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Apple’s new iPad and iWork for the device

One thing that will probably prove to be popular with Apple’s iPad is its iWork software, this will consist of a word processor, numbers spreadsheet and keynote presentation manager.

If you buy a Mac OS version of the suite it would set you back $99, however the iPad’s version has take more of an ‘a la carte’ approach, meaning you choose which product you want and just pay for that, therefore if you are just using the word processor you don’t have to pay for everything else.

Better still is the pricing, as mentioned earlier a Mac OS version of the iWork suite would set you back $99, however the iPad’s version of iWork will set you back just $9.99 per component you choose, giving it a maximum price just shy of $30.

The iPad’s version of the software has apparently been completely re-designed to suite the tablet, to find out more check out PC Magazine’s article.



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