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Apple iPad’s UI and Micro SIM explained

When the iPad was at long last revealed yesterday it was announced that it would be available with 3G connectivity, this was no huge shock, however I was quite surprised to hear that they would use a different type of SIM card.

Handsets tend to use the standard 15 x 25mm plastic card, however the Micro SIM (aka 3FF) used in the iPad is just 12 x 15mm, this makes it 52 percent smaller.

This particular card was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), whether this will be the ‘new face’ of the SIM card we see in future handsets is yet to be seen, however developments in technology usually result in things becoming smaller, so I think it is pretty likely.

For more details regarding the new AT&T Micro Sim check out Engadget.



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