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Apple iPad: IPS display, A4 processor chip and Micro SIM

We can now draw up an idea of just what we are getting with the new Apple iPad device. We know that it will come with an IPS Display, an A4 processor chip and a Micro SIM, but we do not know enough about that hardware to say wow. Watch a hands-on video.

So let us take a closer look, the first is that 9.7-inch LED-backlit, IPS display. This technology certainly helps to give the iPad vivid and crisp details to the image being displayed. IPS stands for in-plane switching, meaning that there is a 178° viewing angle.

The next piece of hardware that we need to learn about is that 1GHz Apple A4 chip, which is one of the most important components. This CPU has been custom designed to offer high-performance and low-power system usage, it is this that helps the iPad achieve 10-hours of battery life.

The final feature that we wish to discuss is that Micro SIM. This is also known as 3FF or third form factor and is a smaller version of a standard cell phone SIM. It is thought that many new devices will start to offer the micro SIM, we think that Apple chose this to stop AT&T customers putting their SIM’s in the iPad to take advantage of their current 3G data plan.

For more details of the iPad, visit the Apple website.



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