Adobe talks Flash developers, iPad apps

By Peter Chubb - Jan 28, 2010

Adobe has asked Flash developers to start offering support for the new Apple iPad tablet device. Adobe has said that they wish to take full advantage of the high screen resolution of the iPad’s 9.7-inch IPS LED screen. We only hope that Apple allows this to happen.

We reported yesterday that the iPad is much larger than the iPhone and iPod Touch, but still won’t support Flash; this is one of the reasons that technology websites have shown disappointment for the device. A lot can happen from now and when the iPad is released in 60 days, but it is a big ask.

Adobe are now offering Flash developers the chance to take full advantage of the upcoming Packager for the iPhone, this tool will be able to convert Flash content into applications, it is thought that these will be able to run on the new Apple tablet.

However, PC World did warn that this Flash support would not take full advantage of the iPad’s 1024×768 pixels, although it will come later. Adobe has issued a message to iPad app developers to get in touch with them, so they can work more closely on this Flash development.

If the Apple iPad will be able to support Flash in the future, then it will certainly win some much needed votes. What do you think of the new Apple iPad?

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  • Fluffdawn

    I need the adobe flash…about all of my homework websites require flash….ugh >:(

  • Jimmy

    Apple will NEVER support flash… They intend to utilize html5 instead and they have already stated this.

  • ende

    Ugh. You don't get it. Nobody is getting this. iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad will -never- support Flash and eventually they won't have to because Flash is going to die a terrible death, as it should. It's a terrible, resource wasteful platform responsible for consuming more of your clock cycles than any other piece of software on your computer. Yes, everything is in Flash right now. Everyone also still drives combustion engines fed by fossil fuels, that doesn't make it a sustainable option for the future.

  • Peice

    I hope Apple meets up with Adobe, it seems web isn’t quite a web without the flash plug in. I would definitely buy iPad ONLY if it was flash capable, otherwise I’d stick with my tiny ipod touch screen.