Verizon iPhone: Do you think AT&T will lose exclusivity today?

Today is the Apple press event and many believe that their new tablet PC will be the big announcement. However, Steve Jobs always says “One more thing”, and we believe that to be AT&T losing its exclusivity with the iPhone. If this is true, then after two-and-a-half years we will finally see a Verizon iPhone.

We had thought that AT&T had the exclusivity with the iPhone until the summer, but there has been more speculation that it could end as early as today to coincide with the big Apple event. Thankfully we only have a few hours to wait.

It is no secret that iPhone customers are not happy with the service that AT&T are giving them, such as dropped calls, bad 3G connection and terrible a customer service. The idea of Verizon getting the best selling handset has certainly gone down well with those who refused to purchase the iPhone with AT&T.

We do believe that AT&T will lose its exclusivity and that it will be announced today, but we think that it will be a couple of months before it is made available on the Verizon network. The funny thing is, this is all a guessing game and none of us have the answer, well except Apple.

We recently reported that Apple shares increased by 50% in its last quarter with iPhone sales more than double. If Apple were to open up their smartphone to all cell phone carriers in the U.S., then sales would increase even more.

2010 certainly looks like being a great year for Apple, more than we can say for their rivals.

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