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Twitter goes crazy for ‘Apple iTablet’

It looks as if no matter what the Apple iTablet/Tablet/iSlate/iPad features it will be a huge success, this is especially evident if you check out Twitter and search for ‘Apple iTablet’.

There are around 15-30 new tweets about the Apple iTablet appearing every minute, most people are simply stating that they cannot wait to see the device, others state that they will be undoubtedly purchasing the iTablet.

One interesting tweet links you to an article titled “20 things I already know about Apple’s ultra-hyped iTablet/iSlate:“, this article has a very un-optimistic opinion of what the Apple iTablet will offer to consumers.

Other tweets are a bit more comical such as LaBarcelona’s tweet, she believes that “Apple’s new iTablet will make that cool Star Trek “whistle-whoosh” noise whenever any nearby door opens.”

In four hours all of these rumors will be put to rest, to see all of the latest tweets regarding the Apple iTablet check out this link.



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