PS3’s MAG: Patch Update released – full details

By Alan Ng - Jan 27, 2010

For those of you who have already picked up a copy of MAG on the Playstation 3, we have full details of an initial patch update on launch to tell you about now, which appears to improve quite a few gameplay aspects.

As reported from VG247, the game will automatically install the patch update when you next log into the game. According to Zipper Interactive’s Jeremy Dunham, the patch will also improve the frame rate when playing, as well as other in-game tweaks.

If you really play attention whilst in-game, you’ll also notice that lighting for every environment has been improved, while you’ll also be able to sprint for longer, before getting tired.

Have you seen the changes in-game yet? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Full list of updates can be found over at VG247.

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  • gary

    the melee is fixed! finally!!
    the only thing i have to say about what they should improve the placement of the mini map, and add more wepons/ add ons

  • Ole T

    And they should take away autoreload, and take away autoswitch to other weapon when current weapon is emty.

  • Ole T

    When you get killed with an grenade in you're hand and someone revive you, the R1 trigger button does'nt work. You have to toggle trought the meny one time first, and re-select the grenade in order to throw it. And there should be an option to use R3 as change stance button instead of triangle, since ducking is more used than melee in this game. And there should be possible to look at the map when waiting to spawn.