PS3 Being Hacked: Time and money wasted

By Jamie Pert - Jan 27, 2010

A couple of days ago we reported that George Hotz (the iPhone hacker) was claiming to have hacked the PS3, 16 hours ago he released the hack which consists of just 5 files, you can download it here.

George posted this statement on his blog “Hopefully, this will ignite the PS3 scene, and you will organize and figure out how to use this to do practical things, like the iPhone when jailbreaks were first released. I have a life to get back to and can’t keep working on this all day and night.”

If you download the hack it will come as a zip file titled, within this compressed file are 5 files, one of which is “instructions.txt “, the other is a “pokemehere.jpg” and there are three other files titled “exploit.c”, “Makefile” and “”.

Critics are saying that time and money has been wasted hacking the PS3, however now that the console has been exploited it opens up the console to thousands of hackers, therefore I do not agree that it is a waste.

Personally I feel that it will be a while until the exploit will take-off, there are many factors which affect this mainly the cost of Blu-ray media and burners, also pirates will in my opinion not be willing to risk ruining their PS3 and a spindle of Blu-ray discs until prices come down.

For further details check out TQcast.

Do you think that George Hotz has wasted his time?

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    I don’t knot if it really worth risking the health of the PS3 and possibly breaking some user agreement made when purchasing the PS3. I don’t know. I am just not that big of supporter of Hacking consoles and stuff like that.