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New iPhone 4G: Will 2010 still be the year?

The Apple event is now over and we are left with some mixed emotions, we are happy that there is the iPad, but disappointed that Steve Jobs did not announce an iPhone 4G. We are left wondering if we will ever see a 4th generation iPhone this year?

There has been so much hype in the build-up to the Apple event; we just wonder how we and so many others got it wrong. However, we have to remember that Apple are experts when it comes to keeping secrets as well as misleading people. Ok so their tablet device was one of the worst kept secrets, but we have been expecting it for the past ten years.

We do wonder how we all got it wrong with the iPhone 4G, there have been numerous reports that the new smartphone would be unveiled today and launched as early as April or May. Although we have said on a number of occasions that we could not see Apple launching two big devices so close to each other.

There is still hope of Apple launching a new iPhone in the summer, but let me tell you why I think we will not see a new one this year. We were told that the iPad would be available outside the U.S. sometime in June, which is very close to when a new iPhone usually gets launched.

The question you have to ask yourself is, would Apple launch the iPad and an iPhone 4G so close to each other?

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