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Mass Effect 2: Update on DLC

Bioware had promised Xbox 360 gamers Mass Effect 2 DLC, but they have now said that some of the new content will not be made available today. This has certainly angered those on Xbox Live, considering how the DLC was up for a few moments the other day before being taken down.

Do not get too angry over this, as the only part of the DLC that is missing is Zaeed, he is one of the human mercenaries. According to Nerdles, every other part of the game is there, so not certain why there is anger over just one character being missing

Bioware like to annoy gamers though, a couple of days ago they promised to give mass Effect fans a surprise. Guess what the surprise was, just a revamp of their website, why would anyone care what a website looks like?

In other Mass Effect news, there has been talk of a movie. Bioware has said that there has been a lot of interest from Hollywood about making Mass Effect into a movie. The game developer is not rushing this, they do not want any old movie made, they wish to see a great movie. We wonder whom they would choose to play the main characters?



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