iPhone 4G 2010 and Apple Tablet on eBay: Beware fakes

As you know, today is the Apple Live Press Event. There has been much speculation as to what Steve Jobs will hold in his hand for the world to see, such as the new iPhone 4G and an Apple Tablet. However, we have to wonder how eBay are already listing these new devices?

eBay sellers have started to offer the new 2010 iPhone along with its new 4.0 OS even before it has been launched. The funny thing is, even if Jobs unveils the new smartphone today, it will not be launched for another few months. We warn you now, beware of fakes.

PC World says that these scammers will do anything they can to try and get money from all this Apple hype. Most of us will not be sucked into this scam, but sadly there are a few that will be. Please, if you see anyone on eBay or any other website trying to sell you a new iPhone 4G or Tablet now or in the near future, then they are certainly fake.

We are certain that we will be bombarded by spam email also trying to sell us one of these new Apple devices. The funny thing is, we are not even certain what Steve will be showing us. They could just be launching some new software or launching the iPhone on Verizon.

PC World are giving their readers some basic precautions, visit their website to learn what these are.

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