General Motors to design develop and manufacture electric motors

When we think of American cars, we think of huge gas guzzling vehicles that not only damages our environment but also our wallets as well with high fuel bills. Who would have thought that they would be changing their ways, but they have, you only have to see how they have embraced the hybrid vehicle.

General Motors are now upping their game, we know that they are to introduce a number of electric cars for the future, and we have recently learned that GM are to design, develop and manufacture its own electric motors.

This will not be a cheap investment, GM are to spend $246 million to get it’s a high volume motor production facility all set up for 2013. It is no secret that General Motors have some cash problems, but they must see this as a way forward. Another way forward was the announcement of Ed Whitacre becoming the CEO; the U.S. automaker said that this would help bring stability to the company.

According to Autoblog there was always two ways for carmakers to distinguish their products, this was with its styling and its powertrains. The former has taken a back seat often being outsourced to other companies. It is the latter that is taking priority as automakers look for more ways to cut emissions and the way to do this is by powertrain evolution.

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