Facebook Unnamed App: Debate about the application

By Peter Chubb - Jan 27, 2010

It has just come to our attention that there is an Unnamed App appearing in your Facebook settings. Users have been assuming that this is a spybot, but according to Yahoo Answers, it is just your “Boxes” tab, something that the social website will be getting rid of soon.

However you can get rid of it yourself if you are worried, we tried it and Facebook seemed much faster after. The first thing you need to do is login to your account.

Right, now go to Settings and then select application settings. Now change the dropdown box that appears on the right to added profile. If you see un named app, then delete it. We have just been told that if you do remove it, then you could screw something up that Facebook might be working on for the future.

We are still not certain on this, but my wife had noticed how slow her account had been, so I did not mind deleting the app to keep her from moaning at me all the time. I am sure you would have done the same.

For more Q&A on this visit Yahoo Answers

Let us know if you have had any problems and if the un named tab is there for a reason?

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  • witchway915

    it is NOT a virus or spyware, it is your “Boxes” tab, and Facebook is going to be getting rid of it soon, you can remove it yourself from your edit applications list if you want… not sure if Facebook will be replacing it with something else yet

    Learn to look things up before causing mass hysteria

  • Um.. you DO know that Yahoo Answers are responses from any random 12 year old or 80 year old on the internet, right? These people are answering questions with the rumours they heard. Heck, one of them could even be the person that wrote “unnamed app”.

    While I personally am leaning toward it just being something from Facebook, using yahoo answers as your source is pretty laughable. You might as well just say “This kid outside my house said so”