Excitement: Apple Press Conference or State of the Union Address?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 27, 2010

Today there will be two major events taking place, however these are both quite contrasting, one event will be held by Steve Jobs and the other will be held by President Obama.

Apple will be holding a media event to reveal “their latest creation”, there are two front runners as to what Steve Jobs will be revealing, the most likely device we will see released will be the Apple Tablet, however there is a chance we may seen an iPhone 4G.

Obama will be holding his “State of the Union Address” today aswell, this is a chance for him to reset, restart and reintroduce himself to voters, typically however it can lead a point decline in polling, for more details check out USNews.

With two such large events taking place we thought it would be interesting to see what event our readers were looking forward to the most, feel free to vote in out poll below.

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